Hundreds of people joined us for our Premiere webinar and we were so glad to have gotten so many and so many very engaged questions from the audience. Watch the full session below - underneath some quotes by the panelists. 

Dirk Hoerig, CEO with commercetools

'We have created and help build the MACH market since 2013. Now the market is mature enough and we want to help companies navigate the entire landscape.’

Elaina Shekhter, CMO with EPAM Systems

‘It is much more complex now to navigate the tech landscape. We want together help building the next generation experiences. As advisors we get questions like: what does the next bank look like!’

Neha Sampat, CEO with Contentstack

'Joining in the MACH Alliance is really about attracting talent. Us working together will help us attract the people who want to change the status quo.’

Sonja Kotrotsos, GTM lead for Europe with Contenstack and VP of the MACH Alliance

'We are an open platform and invite companies to join the movement. The requirements for becoming a member are on the website.' 

Kelly Goetsch, CPO with commercetools and President of the MACH Alliance

Q: What type of standards is the MACH Alliance looking to set? 

A: MACH ís the standard we are setting! 



Tom Aniol, Head of Marketing, Vue StoreFront

"Click and Collect" is blossoming, and it will stay with us


Varia Makagonova, Director of Marketing, Contentstack

Intelligent product discovery fast-tracked by MACH


Sonja Kotrotsos

machreplatformecommercecustomerexperiencecmsMACH: Business Technology for 2020 and Beyond

”66% of developers find that maintaining and “paying for” technical debt (aka the money, flexibility, and opportunity lost to a bad technical investment) associated with outdated technology is bad for their productivity at work." State of the Developer report 2109, Devada

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