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Important MACH terms

Find a new one-minute video explaining a core MACH term explained by one of our experts here every Tuesday.

This week

What is GraphQL and how is it related to #MACH? Anil Kumar Krishnashetty, Product Manager at commercetools explains.

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What is multi-head and how does it work? Jasmin Guthmann, EMEA Partner Marketing Director at Valtech explains.


What is the definition of CXP and how is it related to MACH? Matt Webb, MACH Alliance Ambassador and Group Head of Digital at LAB Group explains:


What is JAMstack and why is it so important to MACH? Emily Godfrey, Senior Solutions Consultant
at Amplience explains.


What does Headless mean and why is it so important to #MACH? CEO of commercetoolsDirk Hoerig explains in 1 minute.

Cloud-Native SaaS

What is Cloud-Native SaaS and how does it fit into #MACH? Let's hear it in 1 minute from Chief Technology Officer for Amplience John Williams.

API First

What is the definition of 'API First' and where does it fit into #MACH? Let's hear it in 1 minute from Four51, Inc. Chief Product Officer Jacob Hookom.


What are Microservices and where do they fit into #MACH? Let's hear it in 1 minute from commercetools Chief Product Officer and MACH Alliance President Kelly Goetsch.


What does 'MACH' stand for? Let's hear it in 1 minute from Pascal Lagarde at our MACH certified company Valtech.



Tom Aniol, Head of Marketing, Vue StoreFront

"Click and Collect" is blossoming, and it will stay with us


Varia Makagonova, Director of Marketing, Contentstack

Intelligent product discovery fast-tracked by MACH


Sonja Kotrotsos

machreplatformecommercecustomerexperiencecmsMACH: Business Technology for 2020 and Beyond

”66% of developers find that maintaining and “paying for” technical debt (aka the money, flexibility, and opportunity lost to a bad technical investment) associated with outdated technology is bad for their productivity at work." State of the Developer report 2109, Devada

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