Mach Two Conference

13 & 14 June / Amsterdam — MACH TWO Conference

MACH 2021 Certification

In the world of enterprise technology, it can be complicated to see who walks the walk, and who’s just talking the talk. When looking for a best-in-class vendor or system integrator, you want to be sure you’re working with an organization that understands what the future of composable software looks like.

Who doesn’t want to be future proof? Especially in tech, no one wants to work with yesterday’s solution. However, being future-proof requires innovation and boldness. Both are hard work and this deserves to be recognized.

The MACH Alliance certifies its Members only once they meet a set of specific criteria. This ensures that in working with one of our Member organizations, you can rely on them to embrace MACH principles based on being Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless.

What do you get when choosing MACH Certified organizations?

* Interoperability - By using API’s, solutions and applications seamlessly integrate with each other

* Flexibility - No more vendor lock-in. Stay in control of your technology and adapt whatever you like, whenever you want to

* Rolling Updates - No more downtime due to cloud-native applications

* Versatility - By being headless, you can connect any front-end to any back-end with confidence

MACH Certification in 2021 and beyond

As MACH Alliance Members are certified to uphold the MACH principles and to continually follow the requirements for certification, we will renew their certification on a yearly basis. Member organizations have seen the benefits of joining the Alliance by being able to ensure to (future) customers that they stand for the future of best-of-breed enterprise tech. Look out for the updated certification stamp below: