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5 reasons not to join the MACH Alliance

Since its formation in June 2020, The MACH Alliance has come a long way in advocating for a composable software ecosystem that provides a flexible, truly open and future-fit architecture. Collectively our voice represents the next generation of technology and business. Our success has been largely driven by fiercely safeguarding our manifesto and the integrity of our member certification. Combined with a digital-first market that has advanced at MACH speed over the past two years, and a lot of hard work by some truly inspiring people.

As we grow the movement, it’s important to us that all members join for the right reasons and that everyone involved is passionate about the cause. Below are the top 5 reasons not to join in case there was any doubt:

1 Not all of your technology is based on MACH.

All products that you are actively selling to new business have to go through the MACH tech check. And we DO check. That is how we counter MACH washing of large old school portfolio ISVs.

2 You're not prepared to get hands on as a member of our community.

There is a lot of opportunity for you to bring your voice as a thought leader to the MACH Alliance. That requires hands-on contribution. The more you put in, the more you get out of your membership.

3 You don't want to work alongside your competitors.

The MACH Alliance is a vendor neutral organization. That means you will sit alongside your main competitors in councils and workgroups. And our code of conduct demands that you play nice.

4 You're looking for a quick lead gen fix.

You won’t get any lead contact information from the MACH Alliance. We are thought leaders, focused on educating digital leaders how to leverage future fit technology best.

5 You're not passionate about propelling the MACH movement.

If you couldn’t care less about MACH, you won’t find a home in the Alliance. We are looking for members who are passionate and excited about evangelizing the future of composable technology.

An Alliance member certification is the industry's gold standard for MACH. We welcome new members! Visit and scroll down to ‘join the movement’ to complete an application form.