3 Ways Generative AI Works with MACH Architecture to Futureproof E-commerce Businesses

Taken from original article by Carl Bleich, Head of Content, Bloomreach

Generative AI does exactly what the name suggests: it takes large amounts of data from various sources and then generates original content, algorithms, tools, and more designed for a specific strategic purpose.

By delivering new opportunities to enhance CX, drive growth, mitigate risk, and stay ahead of a dynamically changing digital landscape, e-commerce businesses can’t afford to ignore Generative AI.

No two e-commerce companies are alike and MACH Architecture and Generative AI are perfect allies for any digital leaders looking to sustainably scale in a way that suits their very specific needs.

With that in mind, here are just three ways in which Generative AI can act within the MACH Architecture to set your e-commerce business up for success in the short, medium, and long term.

1) Inventory management

Look to the past, plan for the future using Generative AI. When working within a logistics partner of a MACH ecosystem, this adaptable technology provides businesses with the tools to forecast, order, and optimize their inventory levels automatically.

By immediately analyzing the reams of data around customer behavior and trends, Generative AI can deliver informed algorithms to predict future demands for specific products. Along with no more under or over-stocking, this means reducing waste, driving efficiency, and most importantly – increasing profit.

Integrating Generative AI with supply chain systems within MACH Architecture also keeps e-commerce businesses one step ahead with automated ordering and inventory optimization. You can be safe knowing that you always have exactly what you need in stock, all while reducing manual input and human error.

2) Chatbots

E-commerce businesses have never had as many direct touchpoints with customers as they do today and each one is a rich vein of data waiting to be tapped. From individual sales data, purchasing patterns, survey feedback, browsing data, and more, your customers are giving you a profile of who they are as a person.

Generative AI, along with conversational commerce tools within MACH Architecture, give you a way to automatically speak to them on a human level with chatbots. Generate full, individual profiles of each of your customers and give them a personalized service. More effective support and talking to them directly reduces the time to resolve issues, increases CX, and drives customer retention.

It’s also a perfect opportunity for upselling. Previous purchasing patterns mean that you can immediately recommend complementary products or services that they are more likely to be interested in. It’s quick, automatic, and seamless – and that’s a clear path from complaint to conversion.

3) Fraud detection

You have all the tools to stop fraudsters from impacting your bottom line – don’t ignore them. Detecting fraud as quickly as possible is integral to minimizing chargebacks and other financial losses that are quick to add up.

Generative AI works with other actors in your MACH Architecture to look at customer behavior data. From here, it can generate algorithms that immediately identify anomalies and highlight potential fraud earlier – preventing loss before it occurs. The more you feed the algorithm, the better it gets, and the more e-commerce businesses futureproof against nefarious behavior down the line.

Prevention and efficiency are key to preventing loss, so Generative AI’s ability to assign risk scores to individual transactions or customers based on their likelihood of being fraudulent is invaluable. You can prioritize high-risk factors and act proactively on suspicious orders in the future.

So, ready to get your e-commerce business to MACH-speed?

Generative AI is an incredible tool that’s taking the world by storm for a reason; the above are only some of the ways it works with composable architecture to drive e-commerce profitability. While its ability to create entirely new, data-driven solutions to business concerns changes the game by itself, it can do so even more effectively within MACH Architecture.