Women in MACH Mentoring

Join our thriving community and be part of a global network of women in technology. We extend an invitation to women worldwide to connect, receive support, and be inspired as they embark on their tech journey. Together, we will shape an inclusive and forward-thinking future for the industry.

Introducing Women in MACH Mentorship, a one-of-a-kind program facilitated by the MACH Alliance. This mentorship experience is tailored to empower women in navigating the dynamic Martech landscape. It focuses on cultivating career-specific skills, boosting confidence, fostering effective communication, and seizing promising opportunities.

Our mentorship platform provides mentors and mentees with accessible and user-friendly resources to facilitate their journey throughout the program.

How can the program help you?

Our goal is to empower and enable your growth through the Women in MACH Mentoring Program. This program is designed to support women at every stage of their martech career by connecting them with experienced Women in MACH mentors who will provide personalized guidance and support. By leveraging this mentorship, mentees can unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

The matching process for mentors and mentees is handled by our dedicated Mentoring Committee, ensuring compatibility based on mentor capabilities and mentee expectations.

Participating in the program offers a range of invaluable benefits, including transformative mentoring, expanded networking opportunities, and personal development prospects.

"Mentoring is not just a one-time experience; it is an ongoing process of development and discovery. Take advantage of every opportunity to expand your knowledge, skills, and perspectives. Remember, the more you invest in your own growth, the more you can contribute to others and make a lasting impact. So, be curious, stay hungry for knowledge, and let the journey of learning unfold as you embrace the endless possibilities that mentoring offers."

Jasmin Guthmann
Vice President, MACH Alliance

Mentoring program timeline

  • Applications are now closed
  • Matching Period 14th June - 1st September 2023
  • Mentoring Starts 4th September 2023
  • Program Ends 30th April 2024

Mentoring made easy

We have crafted our programs based on the concept of "giving and receiving", allowing women to engage in a mutual exchange of mentorship. This means that participants have the opportunity to both offer their valuable insights and experiences as mentors while also benefiting from the knowledge and guidance of their own mentors. Recognizing the innate human desire to give back and to continuously learn, our program provides a platform to fulfill both aspirations simultaneously.

Click here to read the Women in MACH Mentorship Program Terms & Conditions.