How secure is MACH?

July 11, 2023

By 2024, Gartner predicts that 20% of Global 2000 CEOs will report an increased appetite for risk and improved resilience, both attributed to modular business redesign. As we move to a composable future, what are the key security considerations companies need to be aware of? Is composable and MACH intrinsically more secure than the monolith? Join our expert panel as they explore MACH architecture design, and security best practices when moving to an own build/deployed front-end and additional build microservices.

MACH CONNECT - OMS (Order Management Systems)

June 6, 2023

In this episode, our expert panel explores the evolution of commerce and order management over the past 20 years, why legacy systems were dominant for so long and the key drivers for moving to a MACH-based approach.

MACH CONNECT - Event Driven Architecture (Emporix, Voucherify and Vue Storefront)

May 25, 2023

Event-driven architecture, enabled by API-first software, is said to replace the service-oriented architecture. What are the benefits of event-driven architecture from the business perspective?

The Importance of Transparency for a Growing MACH Market

April 18 2023

The MACH Alliance safeguards its standards and neutrality fiercely. Our certification program and rigorous tech checks are evidence of this. In this live discussion, Rick Watson, ecommerce strategy consultant and industry commentator, talks with members of our admissions panel and tech council about what it takes to run an independent certification program, its role in helping companies evaluate, adopt and procure "best of need" technology, and why it's important for the industry as more companies adopt composable.

Embracing Equality in 2023 - Women in MACH

Mar 8, 2023

Join us on this special occasion for a unique debate about Embracing Equality. First up is our panel of #maleallies who offer their unique (male) perspective; followed by a panel of women in tech to create a holistic view of the topic. We then fuse both panels to have an interactive debate about what it means to be a Woman in MACH today, what needs to change, and how Women in MACH can help.

MACH Connect: The future of search and discovery: conversations, ChatGPT and more

Feb 28, 2023

In this podcast, we invited MACH-Certified search and discovery technology vendors to come together to discuss the latest search trends, the importance of a good discovery experience, and how to get there. Listen to our first-of-its-kind podcast where platform experts come together to advocate for the product discovery category, and present the nuances between platforms, underpinning technology, what this means for business users, and other insights you may not find anywhere else.

The Specsavers MACH story - a clear vision for a composable future

Feb 8, 2023

Leading global optical retailer, Specsavers, is moving to a composable tech stack to future proof their customer-facing technology and create a more seamless and engaging experience. James Skinner, Director of Digital Technology, speaks with MACH Alliance President, Casper Rasmussen, about their LAST replatforming project, early considerations for a move to MACH, and how they're embracing MACH principles to improve information accessibility and data-driven content personalization.

MACH Haus @ NRF: The future of loyalty in composable commerce

Jan 17, 2023

Jay Myers, Co-Founder, Bold Commerce Eli Finkelshteyn, Founder & CEO, Constructor Irina Botea, VP Marketing, Uniform

MACH Haus @ NRF: Best practices for personalization in MACH

Jan 17, 2023

Eli Finkelshteyn, CEO, Constructor Dan Martino, VP of DXP, TA Digital Alan Anderson, Digital Transformation Director, Tyson Graham, Head of Enterprise Sales (Americas), Vue Storefront

MACH Haus @ NRF: Life after the monolith: Stories of businesses

Jan 17, 2023

Preseetha Pettigrew, VP Global Partnerships, Contentstack Sebastian Po, Managing Director, Valtech Commerce Alex Aaron, Account Executive, Storyblok Leoni Jansen, Founder, The BaaS Company

MACH Haus @ NRF: Macroeconomics, user experience, and agility

Jan 17, 2023

Mark Reisler, Senior Director, Portfolio Management, Pivotree Nilay Oza, CEO & Co-Founder, Klevu Gordana Vuckovic, CRO, Vue Storefront

MACH Haus @ NRF: Life after the monolith

Jan 17, 2023

Rohit Garewal, CEO, Object Edge Chris McCann, Regional Head of Sales, Contentstack Dan Jacobs, Country Manager (UAE/KSA) - Actindo AG Gordana Vuckovic, CRO, Vue Storefront

MACH Haus @ NRF: Data in a MACH vs. monolithic tech setup

Jan 17, 2023

Stefan Schmidt, CPO/CTO at Emporix Dom Selvon, CTO, E2X an Apply Digital Company

MACH Haus @ NRF: Death of DXP: Stepping off the monolith bit by bit

Jan 16, 2023

Darren Guarnaccia, President, Uniform John Torris, Head of Sales, Bold Commerce Karen Light, Director of Platform Strategy, Valtech Chris Bach, Co-founder / CCO / CSO, Netlify Sana Remekie, CEO & Co-founder,

MACH Haus @ NRF: B2B MACH Stories

Jan 16, 2023

Alison Hawkyard, Head of Business Development, Apply Digital Jeff DeSandre, CIO, AmerCareRoyal Eberhardt Weber, CEO at Emporix Irina Botea, VP Marketing, Uniform

MACH Haus @ NRF: Mars & M&M’S - An Enterprise MACH Story

Jan 16, 2023

Casper Rasmussen, President, MACH Alliance Kyle Barz, Director, Global Retail & Commerce Technology, Mars Wrigley

MACH Haus Live @ NRF: Mid-market MACH stories

Jan 16, 2023

Rachel Tonner, Head of Product Marketing, Klevu Hannah Bennett, Head of Digital, Paul Smith

MACH Haus Live @ NRF: Steps to adopting and composing MACH architectures

Jan 16, 2023

Eberhardt Weber, CEO at Emporix Ronak Shah, Director, Architecture eCommerce, Omni channel, AWS Darren Guarnaccia, President, Uniform Julia Shkrabova, Head of Partnerships, Sana Remekie, CEO & Co-founder,

MACH Haus Live @ NRF: DXP vs. DXC vs. Headless

Jan 16, 2023

Dom Selvon, CTO, E2X an Apply Digital Company Digital Julia Shkrabova, Head of Partnerships, Tim Juravich, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP Adam Conn, EVP and Co-founder, Uniform

MACH Haus Live @ NRF: Preparing your organisation for the move to MACH

Jan 16, 2023

Jean-Francois Lecas, VP Global Services & Operations, Scaleflex Sara Du, CEO & Cofounder, Alloy Automation Andy Wadsworth, Senior Director Business Development, Apply Digital

Enterprise MACH stories

Jan 17, 2023

This is part of the series of discussions at MACH Haus @ NRF in New York. Listen to Milind Pansare, VP of Product Marketing, Cloudinary, Jon Panella, Group VP, Publicis Sapient, and Casper Rasmussen, President, MACH Alliance talk about the best practices of MACH and some of the imperatives behind success in particular when it comes to enterprise brands.

Women in MACH panel, MACH Haus New York

Jan 17, 2023

We recently ran a series of live discussions from the first leg of our 2023 US roadshow at NRF. One of those was our Women in MACH panel. In this recording, senior female leaders from MACH Alliance member companies come together to talk about the importance of gender equity. They share their own very personal experiences from their careers in tech and discuss what still needs to be done to change behaviors and remove bias from the workplace.

MACH vs. Open Source - Which One Is Best

Dec 19, 2022

Which is better…MACH or open source? Is it possible for open source to be MACH? Can MACH be open source? ? Since there seems to be some disagreement on this topic, our experts will fight it out in this exclusive debate… Mihaela Mazzenga Filip Rakowski Kelly Goetsch John Williams Per Ploug Krogslund

How can organizations with robust but old-world tech best start the journey?

Nov 25, 2022

How do you best move from 20 years of SAP to a “best of breed” stack? Impossible? Daunting? Necessary? If the agility of your tech is now vital… then you have little choice. In this podcast, MACH Alliance co-founder, Sonja Keerl, talks to Julia Paulsen, Director E-Commerce at Nordic retailer, Elkjøp, about their experience, where they started and how they have made rapid progress.

What's new for MACH? Groiwing up and forging ahead in 2023

Nov 10, 2022

With composable commerce on the precipice of mainstream, Casper Rasmussen, MACH Alliance President, and Holly Hall, MACH Alliance MD, review the current MACH landscape and discuss 'growing up' the Alliance, and what's ahead for the movement and the category as MACH practices mature and permeate new industries.

Where Jamstack Meets Mach

Nov 02, 2022

In many ways, Jamstack has paved the way for a composable future for business. If you decouple the frontend from the backend and compose a world-class commerce backend, but fail to deliver it on the edge, using modern build tools, then you miss out on many of the benefits of going composable. In this podcast, MACH Alliance Board members Chris Bach (Co-Founder, CCO, CSO, Netlify) and Gordana (G) Vuckovic (Chief Revenue Officer, Vue Storefront) discuss how Jamstack best practice can help you maximize the benefits of composable.

Repeat Offenders - Decomposing the Monolith

Oct 18, 2022

In this episode, MACH Alliance Advisory Board Member, Sonja Keerl, speaks with Giles Smith, Head of Digital Tech at Selfridges, about his repeat experiences moving luxury retailers including Burberry, to MACH. Recalling the old days of 10,000 word RFPs and planning a year out for Black Friday, Giles talks about new ways of working, using the MACH approach to create a happier work culture for IT teams and bringing store reputation to digital.

The LEGO Story - Building a Composable MACH Architecture

Sep 21, 2022

Do you often wonder what all the fuss is about and why this ‘modern’ MACH approach is the right path forward for your technology and more critically, your business? In this podcast, Niall Edwards, VP Technology at The LEGO Group, discusses what to watch out for and focus on beyond the technology change. LEGO were early adopters of MACH architecture and Niall shares their experiences (good, bad and ugly).

MACH in Practice with Harry Rosen

Jul 25, 2022

Luxury Canadian men's retailer Harry Rosen, winner of the MACH Alliance Award for Best Retail Project 2022, has overhauled its digital customer journey by composing a best-in-class MACH platform. In this podcast, Tovi Heilbronn, Director of Digital Product and Experience speaks with Alliance VP Jasmin Guthmann about how they are using MACH technology to replicate their special in-store experiences online. By focusing on the business outcomes, and not on the technology itself, the company has built a modern MACH stack and put itself back in the driver's seat when it comes to digital ambition. In Tovi's words, they have digitized what makes Harry Rosen uniquely special.

E-commerce expert Moritz Zimmermann on the MACH paradigm shift

Jul 25, 2022

In this podcast, Sonja Keerl speaks with Moritz Zimmermann, an e-commerce expert who is currently a partner at 42CAP leading early stage investment in new technology, and previously Co-founder and CTO at Hybris and later SAP. Moritz provides his views on the MACH paradigm shift and how it's changing the software industry, driving higher pace of innovation. He discusses what buyers should look for when investing and the advantages of being on the right side of such a shift.

Emma – The Sleep Company is one of Europe’s fastest-growing scale-ups.

Jul 20, 2022

Having reached the limits and challenges of their legacy system, a solution was needed that would carry Emma’s vision forward - Emma's Commerce Operating System (EmmaCOS). In this MACH Alliance podcast, CTO Andreas Westendorpf joins Sonja Keerl to discuss the journey and outcomes moving a triple million € business to a new platform built on the principles of a modern composable commerce architecture.

Insights from our latest MACHathon

Jun 28, 2022

Just the spark of an idea can ignite a game changing improvement or innovation. In this podcast, jury chairperson Mihaela Mazzenga spoke with team captains about their MACHathon experience and why these events are so important for showing the speed at which this technology can solve real-world business challenges.

The future of MACH (Alliance)

Jun 09, 2022

With our recent flurry of new member announcements, we’ve surpassed 60 and the Alliance is going from strength to strength. As MACH becomes mainstream and examples of the incredible results brands are achieving are receiving more attention, our role as an Alliance will evolve.

Navigating the new world with Jamie Hancox

Oct 22, 2021

It’s a new world out there. The vendor selection process is different. Roadmaps, technology features, and consumer behaviour, they’re all changing rapidly. Navigating your way through it can be challenging. Jamie Hancox, the founder of Commerce Futures and MACH Alliance Advisory Board member, joined Sonja Keerl on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss the current landscape, how things are evolving and how the MACH Alliance can help.

Crafting their way to MACH: The LoveCrafts story

Oct 12, 2021

LoveCrafts goal is to delight their customers. Held back by a monolith, they no longer wanted to say no to building things their customers love purely because of their technology. Halil Köklü, Chief Technology Officer at LoveCrafts, joined Rory Dennis on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss LoveCrafts move to MACH and its success so far.

MACH. It’s a team effort.

Aug 20, 2021

Not many digital teams can say they were driving real value and revenue throughout a pandemic while the business was also in administration. Well, Melanie Wasley and her team at Debenhams did – through MACH. Melanie spoke with Sonja Keerl on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss how they did it, and how their team setup was so crucial to their success.

A new frontier with Cartier, thanks to MACH

Jul 22, 2021

Luxury retail customers expect a bespoke service. And with smartphones in hand, they expect it online now too. Thomas Davis, International Digital Operations Director at Cartier, joined Rory Dennis on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss how Cartier have been accelerating digital, both internally and for customers, with engagement just as paramount as selling.

Working out MACH for the health and fitness industry

Jul 22, 2021

From retail to health and fitness, Jim Hingston first went MACH whilst at Debenhams and has since moved on to be Head of Digital Product at The Gym Group. He joined Rory Dennis on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss his experiences and how they’re looking to grow and scale The Gym Group.

The building blocks to success with MACH and The LEGO Group

Jun 18, 2021

Niall Edwards, Vice President Marketing and Channels Technology at The LEGO Group, joins Sonja Keerl on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss how LEGO Group has moved to MACH, and critically how they evaluate vendors, changing from a feature-led mindset to an outcome-based outlook.

Building omnichannel experiences the MACH way, from scratch

June 7, 2021

This episode of The MACH Alliance Podcast features Rainer Knapp, Global Director IT & Digital at Wolford. He talks with Sonja Keerl about creating omnichannel experiences using MACH, including how they overcame initial doubts from the board and scepticism around the project being financially viable.

Delivering speed and performance for PUMA

Apr 25, 2021

As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA operates in a lot of different geographies and markets. But with it has come a lot of different technologies and systems and a model that didn’t put digital at the heart of its operations. Time to market was slow, there were a lot of software issues, and initiatives sometimes just couldn’t get off the ground.

Bypassing the hesitancy for change: Making a business case for MACH with Peter Burggraaff

Apr 23, 2021

Shaping the tomorrow for an enterprise cannot rely on how they got to today. They need to dare to let go of what they feel comfortable with, says Peter Burggraaff, Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group.

Sprinting to the start line: Adopting MACH in a B2B business with Gireesh Sahukar

Apr 22, 2021

With over 100 years under their belt, Dawn Foods is a leading manufacturer and distributor of bakery ingredients in over 100 countries. But with little to no eCommerce and digital presence, they were left asking themselves “what do we need to do to stay in business for the next 100 years?”

Welcome to The MACH Alliance Podcast

Apr 23, 2021

This is The MACH Alliance Podcast, a show about enterprise digital transformation, one that goes beyond theory and best practices. We bring you into the room with enterprise leaders who are embracing cutting-edge technology for good reason, and ask them: what does it really take to fundamentally change an enterprise?