MACH Alliance Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Appoints New President


"In the race to digitally future proof your business, the status quo is the riskiest bet," said president, Sonja Keerl

June 22, 2021 - San Francisco - New York - London - Amsterdam - Berlin - MACH Alliance, the group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, today celebrated one year since its launch. The group also announced a new president in Sonja Keerl, co-founder and former Vice President of the Alliance.

Keerl has been appointed to a one-year term at the helm of the fast-growing group. Former president Kelly Goetsch is moving into a newly-created chairman role upon the successful completion of his term.

"We started the Alliance a year ago unsure whether the pandemic would be a source of distraction for businesses in exploring MACH or an accelerator," said Keerl. "We quickly found out it was overwhelmingly the latter. We've heard time and again that we've been an invaluable resource over the past 12 months as companies have looked to deepen their commitment to composable set-ups. I'd like to give my thanks to Kelly for his passionate leadership throughout year one as we navigated our early days."

Growing a Movement

The Alliance has grown from 11 members at launch to over 33 members over the past 12 months in addition to boasting over a dozen dedicated ambassadors from the likes of Bed Bath & Beyond, Boston Consulting Group, Dawn Foods, Mars, Sephora and Sharper Image. The group's member base spans North America, Europe and Asia and includes a who’s who of tech vendors.

"The buzz around the MACH Alliance is more than just about the energy of the group itself; it is about the momentum of the MACH architecture principle that the Alliance advocates," said Anjali Subburaj, Digital Commerce Chief Architect at Mars and an Alliance Ambassador. "That tells you that we are not just growing as a community, but also creating a movement for building next-generation consumer-centric solutions."

Part of the MACH Alliance's mission is to help digital leaders understand the benefits of the principle so they can take those insights to the executive suite and make the case for MACH within their own enterprise. In this spirit, the organization, which has grown to a $1M operating budget, will be doubling its spend on webinars, education and in-person events during the second half of the year.

Get Involved

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About the MACH Alliance

The MACH Alliance is a [501(c)(6)] non-profit organization, governed by an independent board and does not endorse specific vendors, members or otherwise. MACH stands for Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. The Alliance was formed in June 2020 to help enterprise organizations navigate the complex modern technology landscape. It aims to guide and show the business advantage of open tech ecosystems. All MACH Alliance members meet certification principles that are published on the website.

The MACH Alliance welcomes technology companies and individual industry experts who share the same vision for the future. Learn more at, read here about MACH certification and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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