MACH Certified SIs
Westport, Connecticut
MACH Alliance partnerships

A total commitment to B2B MACH

Zaelab is a highly-skilled and trusted digital partner that helps global B2B organizations win in the digital economy by accelerating commercial innovation. Zaelab’s expert advisors and engineers work closely with clients to deliver next-generation digital solutions that result in better user experiences and higher profitability.

This focus on the B2B market is driven by a realization that not only is B2B business complex, but also that its unique needs have long been ignored. In delivering commerce solutions to the B2B market for decades, the Zaelab team struggled to meet client needs with traditional, monolithic, ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions.

Frustrated with technology that severely lacked the ability to serve these specific demands, Zaelab adopted the MACH principles of future-proof, API-based approaches and has gone on to deliver world-class ecommerce solutions. As a result, Zaelab has generated more than $10 million in revenue and has secured the interest of global brands, including Milwaukee Tools, ABB, and Titleist.

Zaelab is the innovator behind Portul, the composable frontend that reimagines the B2B commerce and quoting experience.

The MACH-based, B2B-focused solution equips underserved B2B organizations and their customers, sales, and customer service teams with a B2B digital experience that accelerates the quoting process, whilst ensuring industry best practices.

Portul enables B2B organizations to reduce their time to market by deploying a superior digital experience for customers, sales, and customer service teams alike.

Zaelab is also the innovator behind ZCommerce, - a headless digital experience offering and service for manufacturers.

Zaelab is not alone in its mission to deliver API-first, B2B commerce solutions. The company joined the MACH Alliance in June 2022, and realized that it was already collaborating with many other members.

Zaelab recognizes that different platforms are needed within the MACH architecture for different businesses, and has developed keen links with commercetools and VTEX.

Going forward, Zaelab is investing aggressively in MACH-based approaches and will continue to find new ways to utilize composable technology and the ecosystem partners within the MACH Alliance to deliver more value to clients.

For further detail on MACH at Zaelab, please contact the team.