MACH Certified ISVs
Berlin, Germany

The most flexible headless loyalty and promotion engine for enterprises

71 percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76 percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. But developing the necessary customer data to keep interactions accurate and relevant at any given point is demanding.

Talon.One’s promotion engine addresses this challenge by using both customer and session data to offer dynamic, targeted and customized promotions, loyalty, incentive and reward campaigns.

Talon.One was initially built as a response to the limited functionality of coupon, discount, loyalty, referral and promotion marketing tools. Typically, this software mix would struggle to meet the needs of scaling businesses or big enterprises. There was a profound disconnect between the features that marketing teams would request and what developers produced.

At the heart of Talon.One is its Rule Engine, which uses “If This Then That” statements to build layered campaign logic.

This can be deployed for any kind of promotional campaign that a marketing team can develop, enabling personalization at scale and sharing this logic with any other system via APIs. As a result, once the Promotion Engine is integrated and “taught” what data or events mean in a certain context, any potential customer action or touchpoint can be turned into a hook for incentives or rewards.

Since its foundation in 2015, Talon.One has focused on developing promotion technology for scaling businesses.

The result of this focus has been that the Promotion Engine now enables business teams at international brands such as Adidas, Afterpay, Ticketmaster and River Island to build rich loyalty, incentive and reward campaigns without requiring additional IT resources.

During the pandemic, WeShare, a car-sharing service, saw a 53% increase in referrals and a 420% boost in promotion redemptions by offering personalized deals, using geolocation features and leveraging short-term trends that were revealed by Talon.One.

With APIs at the heart of this success, Talon.One has been a strong advocate of the MACH approach since its debut. The software has been built with an API-first mindset to protect existing investments and allow easy communication between existing systems. Talon One believes that by combining best-in-class microservices, businesses can build holistically rather than getting locked into the monolithic approach that used to dominate enterprise.

Since joining the MACH Alliance in June 2021, Talon.One has collaborated with other software providers within the group, including commercetools and Vue Storefront. These partnerships are built around a belief that greater interoperability will enable businesses to create wider, future-proof digital experiences that will reward customers even more effectively.

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