MACH Certified ISVs
Linz, Austria

Building content for the Web, the Metaverse, and beyond

Web development is continually evolving. From the initial static pages of the web and the short text formats of WAP, to the modern demands of customized, personalized omnichannel experiences throughout a purchasing journey, content editors have always had to adapt the way they function.

As businesses now face a plethora of channels offering customers rich, immersive experiences, they have become frustrated with traditional content management systems (CMS) that don’t scale, offer limited flexibility, and can be costly to maintain and enhance.

This has recently become even more pronounced as legacy CMS tools are often limited to the creation of website content, meaning creative talent cannot deliver its creativity and output on new devices, to reach a wider audience.

Storyblok has addressed this challenge by developing a headless CMS that unleashes creativity by providing developers with the flexibility they need to build reliable and fast websites while giving content creators with no coding skills the ability to edit content independently.

Storyblok has been a disruptive force in the headless CMS space since its debut in 2017. One of its hallmarks has been a unique visual editor that is designed to make the editing process smoother, quicker, and more intuitive.

The technology enables editors to independently edit content, manipulate layouts, and customize experiences while developers enjoy the flexibility and benefits of a headless system.

Storyblok is used by more than 74,000 companies in more than 130 countries.

Customer names include Netflix, Adidas, T-Mobile, Happy Socks and Deliveroo, which, collectively, have built 120,000 projects on the platform. Innovations such as the visual editor enable Storyblok to ensure that neither technology nor creative teams are forced to compromise their desired capabilities and comfort.

Storyblok has been a keen advocate that MACH principles are the future of ecommerce and joined the MACH Alliance in June 2021. As a company built on headless technology, Storyblok has found a natural home in the Alliance and its mission to expand composable technology throughout the enterprise.

Looking to the future, Storyblok has recently launched Storyblok V2, which features an all-new collaboration feature that Storyblok believes will be disruptive to traditional content creation processes.

As the future of content creation must expand beyond websites and mobile, into a realm of IoT, the metaverse, and beyond, Storyblok is set to address the challenges with MACH-based technologies and strategy.

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