Using modular technologies to realize modern digital value

Orium is a leading North American composable commerce consultancy and system integrator. They believe that the flexibility and extensibility offered by headless and composable technologies are the only way complex brands can succeed in an ever-changing landscape.

They help ambitious brands execute, innovate, and transform more quickly across their commerce and retail journeys, championing a MACH-based approach to digital commerce platforms.

Orium brings over a decade of experience to their engagements.

Headless practitioners since their inception in 2009, they not only ensure their clients have the right composable technologies in place to streamline operations and experiences, but also that the brands they work with are set up to manage those technologies effectively.

Specializing in composable commerce, customer data, and retail platform engineering, Orium is leading the category with innovative solutions, like the Omniretail Accelerator™ for commercetools. This accelerator is built for brands facing the challenges of business complexities as they scale.

The composable architecture provides greater flexibility, allowing brands to experiment and innovate to create meaningful customer experiences, while managing omnichannel commerce effectively.

Orium joined the MACH Alliance in early 2021 and has formed strong partnerships with composable technology leaders since. They work closely with these providers to break down business silos for some of the world’s top brands, including Indigo, New Balance and OnLogic.

Orium truly believes that MACH architecture will shape the future of retail and commerce experiences, and are working with a range of MACH-based technologies to develop their next-generation solutions. This includes Orium's Customer Data Reference Architecture, a combination of methodology, tool kit, and asset library that will unlock better processes to gather and model the data necessary to accelerate time to value.

As evidenced by the rapid rise of MACH-based technologies and composable commerce, single-point solutions and ‘one-off’ fixes that use a monolithic infrastructure are no longer sufficient for modern brands. There is no future success without an interconnected, composable technology offering a holistic approach to orchestrating all the customer touchpoints, interactions, and data that define omnichannel experiences today.

For further detail on MACH at Orium, please contact the team.