From Jamstack to MACH

The collaboration at the heart of MACH-based business demands connection. The ability to integrate an array of MACH components and then run them as highly performant, scalable sites and apps is the basis of the business value that MACH delivers. This - in turn - demands a platform on which such a diverse mix of components can co-exist.

Netlify is a developer platform that brings together the modern web frameworks, serverless functions and edge computing of MACH, onto one platform. The goal is to deliver unmatched developer experiences by uniting this ecosystem of technologies, services and APIs into one workflow. This single process unlocks team productivity, while saving time and money.

Netlify has an extensive history in developing such integration-based platforms. Netlify originated Jamstack, a web architecture complementary to MACH, based on the best practices for connecting composable components and running and serving them on the web.

As an orchestration and workflow layer to unify headless CMSs and commerce engines with frontend frameworks, additional APIs and services, Netlify became an inaugural ‘Enabler’ member of the MACH Alliance in December 2021. Netlify now works extensively with Alliance members and has more than 3 million developers and businesses on the platform, adding more than 100,000 every month.

An example of the innovation to serve this community is the recently launched Netlify Graph: a modern approach for building with APIs that creates a faster, unified experience.

Based on the popular open source GraphQL standard, Netlify Graph enables developers to integrate APIs and services such as GitHub, npm, Salesforce and Stripe into web applications with a single click.

Elsewhere, Netlify Edge Functions brings standards-based edge computing into the development workflow. Developers can use Edge Functions to run dynamic content (or an entire application) from the network edge, without compromising performance.

Looking to the future, Netlify is set to continue its rapid growth by focusing on expanding both product functionality, and the huge ecosystem of partnerships and integrations.

For further details on MACH at Netlify, please email the team.