MACH Certified SIs
Essen, Germany

Scalable technology, scalable business

Founded in 2011, the Mindcurv group is a full-service digital agency that helps design and implement scalable digital platforms and cloud infrastructures for global clients. Throughout the group companies, multi-disciplinary teams are drawn from the domains that define, create and evolve digital experiences.

These teams focus on creating impactful interactions between leading businesses and their customers by delivering strategy consulting, analysis throughout the full e-commerce experience lifecycle, improving user experiences to drive conversion, and empowering decision-makers through the implementation of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As a system integrator, Mindcurv seeks to design, then deliver a comprehensive evolution of the practices and processes within a client business. These changes are designed to be sustainable and scalable to ensure long-term growth in the digital space.

Mindcurv was an early adopter of MACH principles, having begun a strategy to embrace modern and agile composable ecosystems over five years ago. This was originally seen in early projects that rejected or dissected monolithic platforms, and a commitment to API-first development.

This early start meant that Mindcurv consulted with various market leaders to extend their business models or run multiple models on the same platform.

Mindcurv has developed a particularly keen affiliation with MACH Alliance founding member commercetools, becoming a Premier Partner.

The Mindcurv B2X digital experience accelerator for commercetools helps customers go to market quickly, with pre-built features, user stories and wireframes that account for up to 90% of use cases, delivering a MACH-compliant, composable commerce platform in a drastically reduced timeframe.

Elsewhere, Mindcurv has deployed MACH principles to focus on linking business capabilities via microservices. This has allowed Mindcurv customers to scale individual functions of their digital commerce platforms quickly and efficiently, with no downtime.

Mindcurv has also undertaken extensive educational activities, delivering blogs, webinars and case studies on MACH-based innovation. These have included partnering with Foodl to launch the first open food marketplace in the Netherlands. Mindcurv collaborated on shaping the business model, defining customer and partner experiences and set up the cloud infrastructure and platform using MACH architecture for scalability, stability, and flexibility.

Mindcurv focuses on helping enterprises establish robust customer procurement portals that integrate with their existing ecosystem, which can then extend to connect and collaborate with their third-party suppliers. Looking to the future, Mindcurv is developing sophisticated customer data platforms that combine first-party cookies, multi-channel data acquisition, robust data pipelines and business intelligence, to enable enterprises to provide more personalized experiences to their customers.

For further detail on MACH at Mindcurv, please contact the team.