MACH Certified SIs
Munich, Germany

Off the shelf speed, using MACH technology and industry experience

The acceleration of modern commerce is the leading reason for companies looking to embrace digital transformation. This itself is based on increased customer demands for faster processes and better service. On-time fulfilment, time-to-market and speed of response are the vital business metrics, despite ever tightening deadlines. Communication must be instant and in real-time.

To accommodate this, integrators have developed offerings that combine their industry experience into ‘off-the-shelf’ style packages that deliver core standardisation whilst still leaving space for individual business differences. The openness and flexibility of MACH-based technology has been critical in developing these ‘accelerators’.

KPS is a leader in customer experience transformations that has deployed this strategy to implement customised eCommerce solutions, using adaptive, agile, mobile-first technology.

Based on more than two decades of creating digital solutions that span operational and customer touchpoints for global household names in retail, B2B and D2C markets, KPS has distilled customer-focused digital transformation into 12 pillars of a successful commerce strategy. Which include marketing, sales, loyalty, experience, marketplace, content and assets, customer identity, eCommerce, CPQ, personalisation, service and PIM.

This strategy is at the heart of KPS’s Path to Composability, a series of ready-to-go platforms, built on MACH technologies, including several from across the Alliance. Following its certification in April 2021, KPS has continued building its strong relationships with Amplience and Dynamic Yield, to offer next generation eCommerce capabilities to a range of enterprise retail clients.

Looking to the future, KPS is set to develop more high-speed deployment capabilities that are focused on delivering high-quality projects at pace.

KPS believes that this can only happen by collaborating with customers to understand their challenges and goals and then select from the range of enterprise technologies throughout the Alliance and beyond.

One of the products of KPS’ experience and customer focus, has been the recognition that end-to-end MACH may not always be right for a business.

KPS has pioneered a ‘Best of Both’ approach, ensuring legacy and newly implemented technologies alike can perform in a MACH compliant way. This preserves investment but also enables composable commerce opportunities in the future.

Over the coming year, KPS will focus on implementing solutions that bring flexibility to these hybrid environments, extracting the best possible performance out of existing "monoliths", which clients may not want to tear down and rebuild, augmented with state-of-the-art MACH components to deliver integration and a path to the future.

For further information on MACH at KPS, please contact the team.