Innovating the next generation of digital experiences.

Contentstack is the Content Experience Platform (CXP) category leader. With technology built on a heritage of agile, headless content management systems (CMS), Contentstack focuses relentlessly on making the creation of the next generation of content experiences, faster and easier.

In an age where digital experiences span not only websites and mobile technology, but also wearables, augmented reality, social platforms, omnichannel retail, and more, the ability to create experiences quickly, whilst they are relevant; and consistently, so brands present themselves as a single entity, regardless of how the customer chooses to interact, is now business-critical.

The mission is to make Contentstack indispensable for organizations to tell their stories and connect with the people they care about through inspiring, modern experiences.

This has resonated incredibly well within the market: in 2022, Contentstack more than doubled the number of Fortune 1000 companies that have adopted the platform.

Contentstack is known particularly for its close-knit staff, brought together under the ‘One Team, One Dream’ culture. This culture focuses on providing employees with an opportunity to do the best work of their lives, built upon a passionate care for the customers and communities served by Contentstack.

This global tribe now spans the US, India, Europe and beyond, united by a common, determined attitude to question the status quo and lead the industry with wave after wave of innovation.

It is this disruptive mindset that led to Contentstack becoming a founding member of the MACH Alliance. Contentstack is a passionate advocate of composable strategies to drive competitive advantage.

The Contentstack programme has developed partnerships with a range of technology providers including commerce platforms, system integrators, creative digital agencies and a host of other companies dedicated to unleashing the power of headless technologies.

Innovation has played a key role in driving the success of the programme. Contentstack has recently launched the first ever, no-code Automation Hub and the Contentstack Marketplace to accelerate composable, digital experience innovation.

These follow projects that have seen Contentstack become the first multi-cloud CMS on the market; the creation of an augmented reality proof of concepts in just four weeks; and Care Without Compromise - the industry’s first ever cross-vendor support scheme.

The next wave of disruption from Contentstack will focus on accelerating co-innovation between IT and business teams, removing the barriers to creating the best possible digital experiences. Contentstack will keep challenging the status quo, enabling enterprises to accelerate not just their processes, but also provide a much more effective and collaborative environment for their people.

For further details on MACH at Contentstack, please contact the team.