MACH Certified Start-up ISVs
San Francisco, CA

Democratizing development for better digital experiences

The collaboration and innovation that drives the MACH community can be seen as a relentless push to democratize software development. The perceived differences between traditional developers that make software and the actual users (be they consumers or employees) are often exaggerated.

The common goals of better business, more rewarding work and creating compelling experiences are easily overlooked. This is a cultural obstacle that frustrates the design of the next generation of technology. seeks to address this friction by visualizing code and allowing anyone to be a part of the building process. offers the world’s first Visual CMS - a component-driven approach to content management that connects to any technology stack and gives teams control over their content development workflow. Based on a “plug and play” approach to digital experience building empowers mixed development to drive accelerated growth with ‘all-hands’ teamwork. supports the ideal developer experience where content is not in code or hard-coded templates that are tied to fields and schemas. Developers create sections across their sites and apps that they want business teams to control.

They then use a design system and library of components to drag and drop as building blocks to create digital experiences. also provides primitive elements – like text, images, videos, carousels, accordions – so that users with the appropriate permissions can create bespoke experiences, whilst still on-brand and performant.

Developers have a more efficient approach to content development that frees their time to tackle higher-value projects. Business teams have more autonomy and can manage digital experiences without relying on developers.

This eliminates workflow bottlenecks that frustrate development, hinder growth, and damage team morale. Instead, organizations can adopt a collaborative content development approach by giving both developers and business teams what they need. joined the MACH Alliance in 2021 to bring this democratization of best-in-breed technology to the foreground. has since collaborated with members across various joint merchant RFPs, and co-marketing initiatives.

The team from contributes free, open-source innovations such as Mitosis, its universal compiler that has enabled these joint teams to write code once and compile to any other framework, and Qwik, a new frontend framework.

These demonstrate the commitment to making digital experiences faster for everyone. Building on these partnerships, is set to develop features that help break the workflow bottlenecks which often hold back growth and development. With Builder you can shorten your content roadmaps from months to minutes, whilst continuing to create and contribute to projects that are designed to improve site speed and performance and to keep up with shopper demands.

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