MACH Certified ISVs
Pittsburgh, USA

Embodying the many sides of MACH

The MACH ecosystem encompasses profound oxymorons. Frequently, MACH companies will be behind the award-winning digital experiences of some of the biggest brands on the planet, yet remain relatively unknown. Vendors and integrators alike experience the hypergrowth associated with most start-ups, yet rarely make the pages of business media, and profound technological evolution is often driven by creative teams, far removed from coding or software development.

As a technology provider that has been in private beta with some of the largest businesses in the world, Branding Brand epitomises these dichotomies. In 2009, they debuted their mobile platform. Since then, the company has seen prolific partnership, recently experiencing 100% year-over-year growth. It is now one of the top mobile providers to the Internet Retailer Top 500, with more than 12m daily users of apps and sites built on its platform.

Driven by a mission to empower creatives to make their vision a digital reality, Branding Brand’s composable commerce platform disrupts this creation by instantly connecting headless technologies.

This enables codeless experience creation and management, across websites and apps, using a mobile-first perspective as the glue to create and solidify connections between people, technology, and across the online / offline divide. The platform integrates headless vendor APIs instantly, enabling businesses to start building out e-commerce experiences quickly

As a result, Branding Brand found itself frequently integrating MACH Alliance vendors on behalf of clients and partnering with Alliance-certified integrators. This led to Branding Brand joining the Alliance in September 2021 to better align itself with the technologies that the software was designed to support.

As a result, Branding Brand has developed codeless API integrations for a huge range of MACH vendors, with instant updates for native apps. Elsewhere, Branding Brand has made considerable progress in developing segmented user content and service capabilities.

For further details on MACH at Building Brand, please email the team.