In-person Event - February 23, 2023

MACH Meet up London

Learn what MACH and composable architecture mean and how they can make a real difference to your business. If you are planning to move from legacy infrastructure and go composable, and want to learn more about the process, like including when, where, and how to start and select partners.

To find out, register now for drinks, snacks and insightful MACH chats.

MACH Experiences presented by MACH Enthusiasts

  • 3:00 pm - Meet and Greet with snacks and drinks
  • 3:30 pm - Welcome to the event
  • 4:00 pm - Why you should care about MACH? Why you should care about MACH? Fireside chat, moderated by Holly Hall. Listen to interesting guests who share their MACH Story.
  • 10 minutes break
  • 4:40 pm - How MACH will improve your company from a technical perspective. Listen to a fireside Chat with: Claire Donald VP of Engineering at MOO at MACH Ambassador, Andy Sharp, former Sr. Solution Architect at New Look and Dan Blundell, Engineer Director at Gymshark
  • 10 minutes break
  • 5:15 pm - MACH Deep dive - What are the challenges of transformation to a composable architecture. Demo of Implementation of a British engineering company.
  • 5:45 pm -7:00 pm - Drinks & networking

Venue: Century Club, 61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, W1D 6LD.