MACH Technology

The fundamentals of MACH

MACH technologies support a swappable enterprise tech stack in which every component is pluggable, scalable, replaceable, and can be continuously improved through agile development to meet evolving business requirements.

MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless) are the design principles behind modern enterprise technology. Built to integrate easily, these technologies are helping companies untangle and step off their legacy tools. With a modular design, MACH solutions give businesses the freedom to choose from the best tools on the market today and provide a structure that makes it easy to add, replace, or remove technologies in the future.

This composable and swappable architecture means that enterprises are essentially facing their last major replatforming effort and, instead, can continuously evolve their ecosystem piece by piece on a daily basis.

The fundamentals of composable technology

MACH architecture is composable and modular, giving you the ability to experiment, scale, and rapidly react to changing market conditions by using best-of-need tools.

With MACH, leverage the combined power of individual but cohesive pieces of business functionality that can be independently deployed and managed without missing a beat.

The benefits of adopting MACH

How can MACH increase operational efficiency?

Designed to play nice with others, MACH technologies create a framework of future flexibility that lets companies evolve at their own pace. Designed to easily integrate, MACH tools are easy to add in and take out of your stack so you can select best fit solutions for each domain, instead of one large platform that works “ok” for multiple domains. It also allows you to evolve your stack overtime, without a large replatforming effort.

How can MACH improve customer experience?

Natively built with modern development tools and frameworks, MACH solutions are highly flexible and adaptable to unique needs so you can design unique customer experiences. By leveraging the latest advancements in cloud and API design you can create highly performant, fast, and available experiences at scale. Working with cutting-edge technologies brings the opportunity to roll out customer experiences far ahead of the competition.

How can MACH help increase topline revenue for the business?

MACH allows businesses to quickly respond to changing customer and market needs, and to innovate more easily at a lower cost of operations. This approach can help businesses increase revenue by improving time-to-market, customer experience, scalability and flexibility, and analytics and insights.

How can MACH help you move faster, and empower your teams?

The speed, scale, and performance that MACH technologies offer, along with the ubiquitousness of cloud and APIs, lean towards a future where this type of modular design will be one of the common enterprise architecture patterns. Early adopters are paving the way for this to happen, exiting the replatforming loop, and securing their spot at the front of the digital experience race.

Read our ‘how to’ guide which provides a full breakdown of what's required, the steps to take, and the clear business benefits that others are realizing from MACH technology.

Making the case for MACH

Get started on your MACH journey

Going MACH doesn’t mean that a company has to completely re-engineer their architecture all at once. For many companies, starting with a single platform is all that is needed.

Going fully MACH is most beneficial for enterprises who have digital ambitions beyond the capability of legacy tools, already feel slowed down by their current infrastructure, or spend too much time and budget keeping current systems running.

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