A new way for retail: Changing room checkout

Retail stores have long been stuck with traditional checkouts with the regular point of sale software. It requires physical space in the store, it requires staff to man the checkout as well as training, and it can be expensive. Even with self-checkouts and kiosks these days, a lot of the same problems aren’t alleviated.

There is a way to make things better and more convenient for your customers. And it doesn't have to be as expensive as Amazon's 'just-walk-out' store. Using a MACH approach, there’s an option for retailers to provide self-checkout in a new way.

This could be utilised within the changing room itself, or on the floor at trade shows, conferences or events. Either way, it allows for frictionless, data-led store experiences, and importantly a fast and easy checkout.

Changing room checkout means no register, not even any apps. Instead, just a progressive web app (PWA) running on either a tablet or smartphone. Retailers get to offer personalised product recommendations and promotions based on real-time data, and customers get the experiences they expect without all the queues and fuss.

Changing room checkout isn’t the only way MACH can help you build a more pleasing Customer Experience. Through MACH, retailers have the flexibility to enrich their customer experiences however they see fit. It could be using beacons, store associate apps, mobile self-checkout, and more. It’s whatever your business objectives are, just brought to life in a way that resonates with your customers too.