Staying Focused: Why We’re Expanding the MACH Alliance Advisory Board

MACH Alliance speaks for an entire industry. Though we have a small full-time staff, we rely primarily on volunteers to advance the cause of MACH.

Like any organization, the MACH Alliance needs guidance on how to best advance the mission and where to spend scarce resources. At the founding of the MACH Alliance in 2020, an executive advisory board was called out in the articles of incorporation explicitly to provide outside oversight of and guidance to the MACH Alliance. The executive advisory board is composed of selected member company CEOs and other luminaries from across the industry.

Today we’re announcing the 2023 board.

Each chairperson gets to curate the advisory board, with sign-off from the nine person management board.

“The executive advisory board provides invaluable guidance to the entire MACH Alliance. From questions about membership criteria, to borderline applications to join the MACH Alliance, to governance, to budgeting - the executive advisory board provides comprehensive outside guidance that the board is invaluable.”

Kelly Goetsch, Chairman, MACH Alliance

"As a 4th generation retailer who has been lucky enough to have a front-row seat to the digital disruption of commerce, 2023 stands out as an uncertain year for retail, with a short-term focus on profitability, brands can use this as an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and begin planning for digital transformation and sustainability. MACH is seeing solid momentum, and the MACH Alliance plays a significant role in educating and guiding them as they invest more in composable technology and optimizations."

Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis