Recording- How to select the right vendors- Mihaela Mazzenga, Valtech

Pulling from her experience building a composabel, MACH-based architecture during her time as CTO at The Sharper Image, and the insight she’s applying in her new role as Senior VP of Technology Strategy at Valtech, Mihaela Mazzenga shares lessons learned about selecting best-fist vendors for your team.

Mihaela dives into the importance of leading with a partner-first mentality when building your composable stack. “It will allow you to find synergies beyond the tech and continue to innovate together,” she says. “You really want people who care and that can think critically in that process, period.”

This presentation covers:

  • What to look for when cultivating a team of partners that play nicely together - when it comes to both technology and relationships.
  • Steps to creating a custom RFP for more efficient, transparent vendor evaluation.
  • How to approach feature overlap, gaps, and in-house development when choosing composable capabilities.