Recording- Flexibility as a Strategy- Matt Webb, LAB Group

For over two decades, Matt Webb has helped translate tech capabilities into business benefits for the C-suite in his various CTO-level roles at digital agencies. Across companies large and small, he’s found that the messaging that drives change often sits just outside the technology.

In his talk, Matt shared advice for technology and business leaders ready to break away from traditional ways of working who need to get their organization on board.

There's all this amazing technology out there, there's all this amazing tooling that you can use, that you can spin up really quickly, and yet you’re still not able to access it. You’re not able to start,” said Matt. “That might be because of the way the business is structured, it might be because the technology is not there, probably both. Which is where flexibility as a strategy comes from.”

This presentation covers:

  • How successful companies cultivate the ability to adapt, the confidence to change, and the organization to be flexible.
  • What conversations you should have across the organization to get the most momentum.
  • Practical ways to address the common hesitancies to change.