Recording- Convincing your CTO that MACH is a smart move- Boston Consulting Group

As a Partner & Director at Boston Consulting Group, Peter Burggraaff has helped retailers and brands around the world change the way they think about digital to leap ahead in their market.

In his session, Peter shares advice on how to communicate the concept and benefits of a modern, decoupled architecture to your CTO. As well as the key organizational changes needed to unlock a digital future that increases sales and reduces operating costs.

“You continuously need to move forward with use cases to actually stay competitive in this market,” says Peter. “There is an opportunity here to take a different approach to tech, and it’s actually a necessity if you truly want to accelerate your digital change.”

This presentation covers:

  • 5 mental flips companies need to make to prepare for the digital future.
  • 3 critical tech boosters to have in place in the new technology landscape.
  • Practical guidance on how to explain a MACH architecture to your CTO in a way that motivates change.