Recording- Amplifying Influence- Anjali Subburaj, Mars

Anjali Subburaj, Digital Commerce Chief Architect at Mars, walks through the framework she uses to introduce a new strategy within an organization. Anjali shares advice on how to influence change through collaborating with others who, in-turn, champion and amplify your strategy across the business.

“When it comes to technology I can apply a set of core principles and simplify the technology, but people are far more complex, you cannot apply a set of rules to people.” says Anjali, “Hence, my focus and challenge in any digital transformation initiative is about how to align people to the change that the technology is introducing.”

This presentation covers:

  • 3 dimensions of introducing a new strategy to an organization. 
  • 4 typical ways people react to change, and how to build alliances among each group. 
  • How to combine horizontal and top down influence to amplify and execute your strategy.