Open invite to companies who claim MACH:

Please apply for certification to avoid buyer confusion

The MACH Alliance exists to propel the future of technology which is microservices based, API first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless. That is what MACH stands for and our mission is to safeguard MACH standards for the clarity of buyers.

Our certification criteria serve a very clear and important purpose. Providing clarity to the market of what is and what is not MACH, to help buyers build their future-proof application stacks. We guard this strict set of standards fiercely and rigorously benchmark all our members against them. As such, we are concerned to see more companies using MACH wording in their product marketing, promoting their solutions as MACH-ready when they are not MACH certified.

It is a great thing that the market as a whole is quickly moving in the direction of Composable and connectivity through API’s. The MACH Alliance supports that wholeheartedly. Yet Composable is not MACH and being on a Composable track does not validate a MACH claim at all. The prerequisites for MACH Certification are very clear.

We urge all vendors claiming to sell a MACH-ready solution to apply for certification. The criteria and the process are outlined here. Any company that claims to offer MACH should carry the seal.

The Alliance can explicitly only guarantee the interoperability, ease of use and swapability of certified companies. MACH-labeled solutions where vendors don’t meet the certification criteria are undermining the industry standard and causing confusion for buyers at a time when they need our help. We strongly advise buyers to check the MACH Alliance website to confirm certification in case of any doubt. The MACH Alliance is contacting non-certified companies who are making MACH claims and asking them to apply for certification, and to remove those claims until that is achieved.

Furthermore, in some of the recent claims, specific legacy vendors suggest they are offering an enterprise version of MACH. Yet MACH was made in and for the enterprise from the start. MACH is an enterprise setup that requires a level of company maturity, and it has seen massive adoption from enterprise companies like Sephora, Costa Coffee, Mars, Boohoo, Puma, and the list goes on. MACH was made in the enterprise, let there be no misunderstanding.

We will continue to take action to avoid buyer confusion and to protect the seal that we are here to guard. Prove your MACH credentials and get certified!

If any vendor or buyer would like to speak with us about MACH criteria and principles, or requires clarification and support, we’re here to help.

Casper Rasmussen

President, MACH Alliance

Get in touch at or apply here.