We're rapidly moving into a new state where organizations now need to rethink how they can become more fast-moving and increase their ability to innovate. The world around us has quickly changed, both closing and opening possibilities. The normal as we knew it does not exist anymore, this will force us to speed up our adoption of new technology and foremost how coming generations expect to consume and share information.

Today tremendous amounts of data is being created by customers by the second. For organizations all this information being shared and created is pure gold. Just go to yourself and think of a normal day, think about all the digital traces you leave behind and all information you share. This creates a rather good digital persona of you for others to look at. You would expect someone to use this to understand you better and cater to your needs, but this must be relevant to your given context. This has also to be done in a respectful way not leaving you feel tracked or harassed.

Google has worked with a great concept for a while stating that every moment of a day can be divided into micro-moments where you need or crave different experiences or things. We at Occtoo really believe in this, that the consumer behavior has changed forever. The battle for hearts, minds, and dollars is won (or lost) in micro-moments—intent-driven moments of decision-making and preference-shaping that will occur throughout the entire consumer journey.

The data being created in all these micro-moments (sessions), is the new gold and what we are all looking for. This behavioral data will with one bit of human intuition and one bit with AI and Machine Learning, give organizations insights and data to act and give their customers the respectful and smooth experience they deserve in any context on any screen. If you have read the fantastic book "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman, you know that we have two systems that operate, when we make choices. It is System 1 that makes most of our decisions - based on feelings and not based on rationality - which is why the experience data fueling the customer journey is so crucial. Using this behavioral and contextual data, in combination with your own content, product, transactional and customer data, as the fuel in the creation of your digital experiences is what brings them to life and spark positive emotion.

So where is Occtoo in all this? Occtoo is an Experience Data Platform built to fast forward the way businesses create relevant customer experiences everywhere. We help digital officers, marketers and developers to move into a new state where they spend less time integrating data and more time being creative with data.

How Occtoo fits in the tech stack

With our platform it is easy to unify all types of multi-domain experience data (and yes, we mean all data. Customer, product, transactional, behavioral, content etc.) and make it accessible in real time in any frontend of choice. Match the right content with the right customer and create an API with a click to publish and collect data in real-time on all kinds of devices, touchpoints and channels. This is the missing piece in the unified experience stack, enabling speed in the, ”idea-to-deployment” process and capability to offer a relevant customer experience in a millisecond everywhere. Forget about data locked in silos, time consuming and costly integration projects and slow experiences that kill conversion. Instead get an increased ability to innovate and gain speed in providing customers with unique experiences.

We and our customers strongly believe that the democratization effect on data and APIs will lead to:

1. Eventually almost everyone will be a programmer, but that our definition of programmer will expand to fit a much broader range of activities.

2. API-driven businesses enable low-code implementations and give superpowers to junior developers or people who don’t consider themselves developers at all.

With a modern digital stack built on services and capabilities #MACH (Microservices, API, Cloud, Headless) focusing on scalability and APIs, innovation will thrive where it before was impossible. Let’s all fast forward into a better way of doing things and flip some old truths. Where we create relevant experiences that is powered by all the data being created and where we have the capacity to think big, start small, scale fast.

Jimmy Ekbäck

CTO and Co-founder

Occtoo - Get relevant everywhere


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