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13 & 14 June / Amsterdam — MACH TWO Conference

MACH Certification Serves as a Vendor Benchmark for the Market Shift to Composable

We have been vocal for some time that the market shift to MACH technology represents a major challenge to the position of long-established enterprise suites. Even the biggest tech companies are going composable with a focus on APIs and desire to be MACH. We fully encourage it.

Yet as a result of this maturing market, we have to take our role as gatekeepers (or ‘bouncers’, as we’ve been called by Forrester’s Joe Cicman) even more seriously, particularly when considering certification for companies who have reshaped their portfolio and product strategy from monolith to MACH. In any case, we will only grant MACH membership if all our certification criteria are met.

The MACH Alliance membership comes with the requirement that a vendor's entire active portfolio has to meet MACH criteria. So, if a company has a legacy past, we have an additional requirement. That is for them to agree that they no longer actively sell nor promote any legacy product so that they don’t create buyer confusion. Certification is for the company and not individual solutions. Buying MACH is a seal of being future proof. Hybrid-MACH isn’t a thing.

Until recently, we haven’t had any vendor members that have reshaped their portfolio substantially enough for the new global trend to become MACH certified. All of our members have to date been founded MACH-first. What we do see, however, is that all tech vendors at scale are moving in the direction of MACH, but only MACH certification will show who is truly adhering to the standards that make enterprise software flexible and swappable and will actually ensure future-proof tech-stacks.

The Why Behind Our Certification Standards

We’ve always been crystal clear about what our certification standards are (you can read the full breakdown here). We believe the Alliance has a responsibility to the market to approach MACH certification with a high degree of objectivity and scrutiny. We know how hard it can be for a buyer to cut through industry jargon to understand if a vendor or agency is truly following composable architecture principles. MACH Alliance certification is our word that we have evaluated the technology, references and roadmap of a member and that they have proven they meet all the criteria for the Alliance to recommend them as part of a future-proof technology stack.

Every organization should have the opportunity to prove that as the market changes, they too are eager to change. And when they meet all of our criteria with their present day product strategy, if the voting group has reached consensus, we welcome them with open arms to join in our mission.