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On the 23rd of June we launched the MACH Alliance. We did this because we felt the MACH principles need to be heard, seen and understood to allow companies, enterprises, brands and organizations to take real advantage of Modern Technology. Composable enterprise setups are necessary for speedy adaptation and to run a company at the forefront of the market. Speed is the new Scale.

Today, the MACH Alliance marks its first 1.000 followers on LinkedIn - a first crucial milestone which shows a thousand people get it, are intrigued, want to learn more and /or talk about it with their networks. The first 1.000 are the equivalent of the first ‘follower’ in Derek Sivers’ TED Talk and they transform us from a ‘lone nut’ to a ‘leadership movement’. Thank you all for standing by us in the first hours of existence.

Since we launched

* We saw some great media coverage:

* We have been positively overwhelmed with the amount of potential new members. We are currently reviewing many and announcing new members when we can

* We have developed a certification program

* We are building a webinar curriculum for both the tech and business focussed sides of business transformation

* We are ramping up an ongoing research

* We will soon be publishing RFP standards for modern technology

* We will soon launch the MACH alternative to a Hackathon (guess what the name will be)

* We are developing a membership model for individuals (in addition to vendors and SI’s)

Modern technology has evolved, enabling new ways to think about and do business. We started the MACH Alliance to help companies take advantage of the most innovative and flexible enterprise technologies available and to break the release cycle. This is clearly a paradigm shift. The traction is very encouraging, validating what we are so passionate about.

We aim to prevent organizations from running the risk of locking themselves into a set of limited capabilities, pending upgrades in a next release. Instead, we offer the way that is backed by software ecosystems that provide a flexible, truly open and future-proof architecture.

Rising to be at the forefront of this shift requires a different approach to business solutions. The Alliance’s mission is to future proof enterprise technology and to propel current and future digital experiences with open and connected enterprise tech. Collectively we represent the next generation of technology and business.

Thank you for supporting us!


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