Introducing our two new ambassadors

Introducing our two latest new ambassadors, Mihaela Mazzenga and Ronak Shah. These experienced professionals have been selected to join because they actively support and contribute to advance MACH technology. Learn more about them below.

Mihaela Mazzenga

Mihaela has over 20 years of experience driving digital transformations and architecting best-in-breed SaaS and business-critical software solutions in high availability environments. With a strong focus on product development and end-to-end technology operations, Mihaela is able to mesh a culture of innovation with driving business value through solutions ranging from behavioral engagement to service-oriented architectures. Most recently, she led a dynamic and fast-paced journey through a massive lift from a traditional monolith to MACH in the eCommerce space.

Ronak Shah

Ronak Shah is a Director of Architecture at Bed Bath and Beyond. He oversees the overall Digital architecture and leads teams working towards elevating the total customer experience. He has been living MACH from 2017 at Bed Bath and Beyond, focussing on transforming from monolith to headless, cloud native, micro service architecture to provide greater business value and agility. He champions speed and creates the following for always evolving architecture within organizations. He has spent more than a decade architecting and leading teams implementing packaged commerce tools such as ATG, WCS etc.



Tom Aniol, Head of Marketing, Vue StoreFront

"Click and Collect" is blossoming, and it will stay with us


Varia Makagonova, Director of Marketing, Contentstack

Intelligent product discovery fast-tracked by MACH


Sonja Kotrotsos

machreplatformecommercecustomerexperiencecmsMACH: Business Technology for 2020 and Beyond

”66% of developers find that maintaining and “paying for” technical debt (aka the money, flexibility, and opportunity lost to a bad technical investment) associated with outdated technology is bad for their productivity at work." State of the Developer report 2109, Devada

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