Mach Two Conference

13 & 14 June / Amsterdam — MACH TWO Conference


What is headless commerce? What is headless loyalty software? Why is headless better? Pros and cons of a headless loyalty system vs. monolith loyalty platforms.

What is headless loyalty software?

Headless loyalty software is an API-first loyalty platform that enables any software application to integrate loyalty functionality via API. Headless loyalty software has mostly backend functions and is designed to process any type of loyalty transaction in a manner that is decoupled from the frontend, customer-facing environment. This means that the API will manage the logic, validation, redemption, and loyalty program tracking. However, the data to feed the loyalty program, for example, customer data, will be pulled from your backend (your CRM system or PIM system). In turn, the loyalty program and its data, for example, the number of points or available rewards, will be displayed on your frontend applications.

This illustration explains where the headless rewards software is within a headless commerce architecture:

In this whitepaper, we cover the following topics:

  • What is headless commerce?
  • Headless commerce benefits.
  • What is headless loyalty software?
  • What are the benefits of headless loyalty software?
  • Which features should a headless loyalty software offer?
  • What are the drawbacks of headless loyalty software?
  • Headless loyalty software vs. monolithic loyalty system.
  • How to choose a headless loyalty software