On August 25th, the MACH Alliance and BIMA held a joint webinar on how to create tech systems and cultures that deliver. The following panelist joined to discuss how companies can achieve speed and agility by implementing MACH technologies:

  • Host: Nat Gross, VP, Brand & Marketing, EMEA, EPAM Systems & Co-President of BIMA
  • Dom Selvon, CTO, E2X
  • Kingsley Hibbert, CTO, Sagittarius
  • Sonja Kotrotsos, Global Head of Product Marketing, Contentstack & VP of MACH Alliance
  • Julien Maingard, EMEA Engineering Lead, Fastly

In this insightful session, the panelists explained MACH architectures and their benefits, as well as the skills and capabilities required – agency and brand side – to take advantage of this maturing technology shift.

Watch the recording of the session below and underneath you can find some insightful quotes from our panelists.

“‘MACH covers the complete depth of the stack.” Kingsley Hibbert

“There is a new urgency, a new definition of speed. And organizations need to be able to react more quickly. Most of the suite-style enterprise software just isn’t made for this.” Sonja Kotrotsos

“Buying a suite typically requires you to understand everything your business is going to do in three years ... with the MACH perspective, you get the ability to start and grow as you require.” Julien Maingard



Tom Aniol, Head of Marketing, Vue StoreFront

"Click and Collect" is blossoming, and it will stay with us


Varia Makagonova, Director of Marketing, Contentstack

Intelligent product discovery fast-tracked by MACH


Sonja Kotrotsos

machreplatformecommercecustomerexperiencecmsMACH: Business Technology for 2020 and Beyond

”66% of developers find that maintaining and “paying for” technical debt (aka the money, flexibility, and opportunity lost to a bad technical investment) associated with outdated technology is bad for their productivity at work." State of the Developer report 2109, Devada

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