An interview with Casper Rasmussen, our new MACH Alliance President

Casper has worked intimately with the MACH Alliance since 2020 and as an Executive Board member since July, helping to educate and engage the community.

In his new role as President, he has huge ambition to drive forward the work of the Alliance and the MACH movement. And he has some big shoes to fill, as founder Sonja Keerl moves to the Advisory Board. In this Q&A, we ask Casper about those ambitions and where his focus will be over the next few years.

Q: Tell us something about yourself and how you got into composable tech?

A: I was passionate about digital and tech from an early age. When I was just 12, I started my own business offering design and implementation services, and a commercial CMS product to small local businesses. I’ve been addicted to digital ever since. My experience over the last two decades or so has taken me through lots of different industries, a great variety of enterprise-grade stacks and established and startup-like business models. Lots of real and legitimate business transformation!

Throughout my career, one success criteria ruled them all - flexibility. Flexibility to follow the increasing digital maturity of the enterprise. Flexibility to pivot. Flexibility to scale. Flexibility to enable business and their ‘just in time’ decisions. It becomes a competitive edge, at this point a requirement, for enterprise companies to compete and thrive in the era of exponential growth, i.e. proliferation of 3rd party channels, ever increasing customer expectations, and simply digital volume and market opportunity. Composable and MACH is THE answer to this, and that got me into technology strategies anchored in Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native SaaS and Headless with my clients.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in your new role as Alliance President?

A: To put it simply, I’m passionate about propelling the adoption of MACH technology forward! I’m honored to be in a position where I can continue to educate the market, and drive adoption in categories outside of transactional and experience driven commerce like Retail and CPG. In working with the brilliant minds and extremely friendly peers across our boards, councils and members, I am thrilled to help establish and push the MACH agenda forward.

Q: Why do you believe the work of the MACH Alliance is so important?

A: The MACH Alliance and everyone who’s been instrumental in establishing the organization started a movement, and now we’re the driving force behind high momentum. We have to take great responsibility. We are responsible for helping companies unlock the opportunity and value of MACH. Our mission is not complete before we see the value of MACH being realized by businesses of all sizes across industries - we want to see MACH become a mainstream mindset because we’ve all seen what it can truly do.

Q: What do you believe are the priorities for the Alliance over the next two years?

A: Firstly, it’s ensuring ease of access to the technologies, while expanding the MACH technology marketplace. Second, we need to diversify further with a focus on inclusion across industries, ensuring the MACH Alliance is available everywhere, for everyone. The third priority is to continue to take responsibility for MACH business enablement through best-practice alignment and education. I see those areas as central to the Alliance mission and where we can really make a difference.

Q: How have you seen the MACH category accelerate and why is it important to raise awareness among business leaders?

A: MACH is picking up speed. Entry barriers have lowered, adoption is increasing and with more very positive and compelling stories coming from the market, and increasingly from new markets, that momentum will continue. We need to continue to clarify the opportunity for business, beyond those relying on digital commerce as a critical growth component. I personally see lots of opportunity in less transactional spaces, like automotive and the connected car, or even the human-centered approach on the rise within healthcare. Most of the qualities and enablers MACH offers are greatly applicable to drive these business opportunities forward too.

Q: Where skepticism still exists around MACH, how do you think the work of the Alliance can help?

A: From day one, the Alliance set out to create a community for everyone working in MACH to belong to. One where best-practices, experiences and challenges can be exchanged. It must go beyond engineering and development communities - mainly because MACH isn’t just a technology preference, it is an enabler of the business too.

We would like to see more alignment of solution approaches between companies, and therewith be the source (and maybe marketplace) for blueprints of success.

And finally, we need to support companies to succeed! We’ve already started to unlock some of the difficult moments across the MACH journey, i.e. RFP, vendor analysis, ROI on business cases or business maturity assessments. These things are all critical to help lower the barriers to entry further, but there’s a lot more to do.

Q: Of the companies that have taken this route, what are the key benefits they describe over operating monolithic architectures?

A: Every one of them reports a complete change in their ability to manage the business in an agile and flexible way. They can say ‘yes’ more often, enabling ‘just in time business decisions’, and benefiting from vendor and in-house innovation perpetually. Most importantly, it’s changing customer experiences, adding to the imperative that all businesses must look at their digital operations as the future business enabler.

Q: You have a technical background. How can tech leaders make the case for MACH within their own organizations?

A: We’ve always talked about the importance of ensuring technology recommendations are made in the spirit of driving business results. Help your organization see (and prove) value early! Use the unique capabilities inherent with MACH technologies, to construct the architecture that’s right for you as you progress through the roadmap of your business.

Q: Tell us something about you?

A: I’m a dad to two boys. Since I was young I’ve raced remote controlled cars semi-professionally, so I’m (attempting) to pass on that passion to them. They’re getting the hang of it and it’s just great to be able to spend time together doing something we all can enjoy.