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Jon Panella

MACH Alliance's Commitment to Clear Guidance Amidst Big Tech Acquisitions and Developments

The MACH Alliance plays a leading role in creating clear guidance for enterprises, delineating MACH technologies that foster future-proofing and vendor independence from those that don’t. That guidance is important for buyers given the rapidly shifting dynamics of the technology landscape over the past 3.5 years.


Prasad Tangirala

Speed of Ret'AI'l to the power of MACH

We can't spell Retail without AI. Everyone is in a race to launch generative AI (chat GPT or Bard) based experiences on their websites. Conn's Home Plus was one of the first e-commerce sites to launch an AI chat-driven product Q&A. We could pull this off with minimal investment and effort because of our early adoption of MACH.


Anna Dawal, Junior Content Marketing Specialist, Voucherify

How MACH architecture helps you prepare for the Black Friday traffic?

Navigating Black Friday is a real challenge for enterprises, especially when it comes to wrangling high traffic. The ripple effect hits eCommerce platforms, impacting both the behind-the-scenes backend and the user-friendly frontend – think web and app interfaces, payment systems, pricing and promotion software. To ensure everything runs smoothly during the peak rush, enterprises must actively tackle and manage these traffic spikes.


MACH Alliance

The sound of brand success: Bang & Olufsen case study


MACH Alliance

Bringing it home: Crate & Barrel


MACH Alliance

MACH-based technology meets AI: digital farming with BASF Xarvio.


MACH Alliance

Delivering consistent luxury experiences: Harrods


MACH Alliance

Tailor-made MACH: Harry Rosen


MACH Alliance

A buying experience as mobile as the car: Volkswagen case study


MACH Alliance

Mobile-first MACH Alpro Case Study


MACH Alliance

Betting on MACH to bring home the win: PLLAY


MACH Alliance

Taking MACH mobile into mission-critical areas: NurseGrid


MACH Alliance

Flying high with headless: Icelandair


MACH Alliance

MACH-enabled search at the heart of e-commerce growth: PUMA


MACH Alliance

4 reasons why MACH Architecture is the perfect platform to leverage Generative AI

See how composable architecture and Generative AI are the perfect pair for small businesses and global corporations alike.


MACH Alliance

Open invite to companies who claim MACH: please apply for certification to avoid buyer confusion

Our certification criteria serve a very clear and important purpose. Providing clarity to the market of what is and what is not MACH, to help buyers build their future-proof application stacks. We guard this strict set of standards fiercely and rigorously benchmark all our members against them. As such, we are concerned to see more companies using MACH wording in their product marketing, promoting their solutions as MACH-ready when they are not MACH certified.


MACH Alliance

3 Ways Generative AI Works with MACH Architecture to Futureproof E-commerce Businesses

Growing your business? Learn how Generative AI operates in MACH Architecture to make custom e-commerce development quick, easy, and safe.


MACH Alliance

MACH Complexity and Why Certification Matters More Than Ever

As the market matures, similar to how cloud computing rose to mainstream status, we’re now seeing MACH follow a similar trajectory, and with it, more complex admissions cases. There’s a lot in between on the MACH - Monolith spectrum! That’s why we’ve chosen to consolidate everything there is to know about our admissions process and publish a comprehensive new admissions criteria guide, adding rigor to the process and focusing on consistency and clarity for buyers.


MACH Alliance

Evolving Our Membership Criteria for a Maturing Market

Today, we’ve published a new Admissions Playbook providing additional clarity into the process and to emphasize our objective approach for evaluating applicants. By being explicit about how any company can embark on a journey towards MACH certification, we are delivering on our promise to the market. Transparency, objectivity and consistency around this process is critical to the buyers the Alliance is here to guide.


Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO – Occtoo

Embrace Agility: Empower your team with a Low-Code MACH Strategy to match the fast-paced and ever-changing CX demands

In today’s fast-paced retail industry where the consumer experience is constantly changing, one thing remains constant: the need to adapt to changing times and rapidly launch digital initiatives to stay relevant in the market. Although, the main obstacle arises during project delivery, where excessive time and resources are wasted on integrations instead of enhancing the end customer experience. By the time the experience is launched to the consumers, it doesn’t look anything like the initial design idea as the digital team got trapped in an endless loop of lack-of-data frustration when moving from ideation to delivery.


MACH Alliance

MACH definition mentioned in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce

The term “MACH” has been listed under the Acronym Key and Glossary Terms in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.


MACH Alliance

Beyond the Hype: MACH-Enabled AI for Search and Merchandising

In a few years time, there will be two types of companies: those that have adopted artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and those who do not exist. Despite the hype around AI, we’re already seeing real and tangible benefits for businesses that choose to invest in it.


Niclas Mollin

Leapfrogging Outdated Tech Stack: Empowering Digital Teams while Ensuring IT Peace of Mind

In today's fast-moving digital landscape, businesses are constantly challenged to stay ahead of the curve. As a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or a C-level executive, you understand the criticality of embracing technology to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and improve operational efficiencies. However, many companies find themselves burdened with technical debt, holding onto outdated technology that hampers their ability to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world. Incremental changes alone won't cut it anymore. It's time to leapfrog your tech stack without busting your budget, empowering your digital teams while providing peace of mind to your IT department.


Eberhardt Weber, CEO at Emporix

Unlocking the Potential of B2B Digital Commerce with MACH

For today’s B2B buyer, an in-person rapport with the sales rep is no longer enough on its own. It must be matched by an engaging offering when the customer moves their transaction online. After all, a good relationship built in person can quickly be lost if customers are then negatively impacted by badly designed digital processes and experiences.


David Dorf

Applying MACH Principles to Generative AI

My two favorite topics these days are Generative AI and MACH, two topics that don’t on the surface seem very related. But actually, we can apply the lessons learned from a MACH approach to the implementation of Generative AI and reap some of the same benefits. Agility, flexibility, and vendor-lock avoidance are bonus outcomes achieved if we leverage a MACH strategy.


David Uccelli, Cody Shive

Four tips from AWS for succeeding with MACH

There’s a lot of buzz around composable transformation today. In this blog Amazon Web Services (AWS) will explain some important concepts that will help you navigate the waters of Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless components—known as MACH.


MACH Alliance

MACH Global Research 2023 Blog Series Pt. 4: The Myriad Benefits of MACH

In March, we released the results of our third annual global IT decision maker research, which surveyed 500 tech leaders from Australia, France, Germany, UK and the US. We sought to understand how MACH investment has accelerated over the past 12 months and what impact that is having on organizations’ ability to thrive in a difficult economy.


MACH Alliance

3 Reasons Security is Driving Companies to MACH & Composable


MACH Alliance

Assess your MACH readiness


Brian Browning

Preventing MACH Project Failures: Lessons Learned from the Real World

Compared to monolithic legacy systems, it can be easy to assume that composable technology is an automatic success, enjoying waves of error free experimentation and perfect implementations. But the truth is that, in the 23 years since Gartner first proclaimed that the future of business is composable, there have been MACH failures. As a community built upon relentless innovation, transparency, and open-minded learning, we must assess these disappointments and find the lessons, to drive the next wave of successful MACH evolution.


Krithika Ganesamoorthi, Renata Melnyk

Spotlight on Enablers: AWS delivers unmatched scale for MACH solutions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) joined the MACH Alliance’s Enabler category in January 2022 as the first public cloud provider. The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, AWS offers over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. It serves millions of customers, including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies. Customers choose AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.


Casper Rasmussen

MACH Alliance Turns Three

MACH Alliance is officially three years old today. It feels in some ways like it was just yesterday we were concepting this organization on a napkin in a London pub. In other ways, it feels like we’ve been at it forever. It’s an interesting paradox, but we’re embracing both the newness and the energy of what we’ve built while also feeling extremely proud of how far we’ve come.


Markus Tillman

5 Conversations Business and Tech Teams Should Have About Enterprise Data Security

Global cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022, compared to 2021 as reported by the 2023 research report from Checkpoint. 83% of organizations had more than one data breach in 2022 (IBM, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022). As a result, decision makers have become much more aware of the threats on their data, driving change to how security needs to integrate with business operations in the future.


Jasmin Guthmann

The Launch of the Women in MACH mentorship program: Shattering the Silicon Ceiling

The Women in MACH mentorship program aims to shatter the silicon ceiling and increase equity for women in tech through mentorship, skill-building, networking, and professional development opportunities. Facilitated by the MACH Alliance, our mission is to build a supportive community for women in all stages of their career, giving them the space to learn from and inspire each other.


MACH Alliance

Justin ThomasMeet Your MACH Ambassador: Justin Thomas, Head of Digital Experience at Kraft Heinz

The MACH Alliance is very excited to welcome Justin as a MACH Ambassador. Our Ambassadors are a carefully selected group of business and technology experts with a wide range of experience across industries and backgrounds. Passionate about the benefits a modern architecture can bring to an enterprise, our Ambassadors have graciously committed their time to support the mission of the MACH Alliance by writing, speaking, and serving as subject matter experts to help empower companies to go MACH.


MACH Alliance

The MACH Tech Check - Prerequisites for Vendors

The tech check is the most critical first filter in our evaluation process. It enables us to review every element of a vendor’s technology - the M (microservices), A (APIs), C (multi tenant SaaS) and H (Headless or optional heads) - to ensure full MACH compliance. We also look at interoperability with the MACH vendor ecosystem, ensure that licensing/provisioning is truly usage based, and that a vendor’s vision and roadmap truly embraces MACH principles. It begins with a live call/product demo, to get a deep understanding of the technical, architectural and usage aspects of the platform/software or the technical capabilities, designing and implementing MACH architectures.


MACH Alliance

The New Approach to TCO for Digital Commerce

TCO is a crucial measure for organizations looking to make informed decisions about their investments. By accounting for all the costs associated with a product or service, TCO aims to provide a comprehensive view of the financial impact of a decision. In today's cost-scrutinized business environment, including TCO in your decision criteria is more important than ever.


MACH Alliance

MACH Global Research 2023 Blog Series Pt. 3: Adapting To An Evolving Landscape

In March, we released the results of our third annual global IT decision maker research, which surveyed 500 tech leaders from Australia, France, Germany, UK and the US. We sought to understand how MACH investment has accelerated over the past 12 months and what impact that is having on organizations’ ability to thrive in a difficult economy. We’re publishing a four part blog series to dive further into each of the four key research areas within the report.


Jimmy Ekbäck

What is an Experience Data Platform and how can it fast-forward your composable/MACH journey?

The MACH/Composable movement has gained great momentum in the last years and during 2023 Gartner predicts that 60% of companies will seek composability in their tech investments to gain speed and agility. With a composable approach to the technology stack, companies can quickly adopt changes and meet the evolving needs of customers. A composable approach involves breaking down the technology stack into modular, reusable components that can be easily assembled and reassembled to meet changing business needs. Using this approach, companies can easily add or remove components as needed, without disrupting the entire system.


MACH Alliance

MACH Certification - Prerequisites for SIs

As the adoption of modern, composable technology continues to grow, businesses are seeking out experienced and certified MACH System Integrators (SI) to help them transition and manage their tech environments. If you're interested in becoming a certified MACH SI, there are certain prerequisites your agency must meet before being considered. This blog focuses on criteria for a standard SI. The MACH Alliance also encourages boutique and global SIs, and the criteria is adjusted accordingly.


MACH Alliance

MACH TWO: The Art and Science Powering the Future of Business

Building on the success of last year’s MACH ONE conference, we’re coming back for an even bigger, better MACH TWO in Amsterdam June 13-14. Our annual conference has quickly become known as THE event of the MACH calendar. If you're considering replatforming to a composable stack, already on your journey, or would like to know more about the next big technological shift, this is not to be missed.


Billy Burnet

Smart localization, the MACH way

Driving business growth is the smartest way to navigate uncertainty, and successful localization is one of the biggest growth drivers. Localization allows companies to grow by being able to communicate in their new markets and regions in a more effective way, which helps its products or services reach customers around the world. To do so successfully, companies need to underpin their localization program with robust and scalable localization technology, which in this case can only mean a translation management system (TMS).


MACH Alliance

MACH Global Research 2023 Blog Series Pt. 2: The Growing Urgency For Tech Innovation

In March, we released the results of our third annual global IT decision maker research, which surveyed 500 tech leaders from Australia, France, Germany, UK and the US. We sought to understand how MACH investment has accelerated over the past 12 months and what impact that is having on organizations’ ability to thrive in a difficult economy. We’re publishing a four part blog series to dive further into each of the four key research areas within the report.


Dom Selvon

Four Things Digital Leaders Really Need to Know About Composable and MACH

At the MACH Alliance, many business and technical decision makers in brands who are looking to transform their digital experiences ask us: Is composable the same as MACH and why should we care about a difference? And for every one person who asks, there are typically at least a dozen who do not.


Kelly Goetsch

certificationmachMACH Certification: A Seal of Confidence


What Does it Mean to be MACH Certified?


Eli Finkelshteyn

Start Your 2023 E-commerce Transformation with Search and Discovery

We live in troubled times. From layoffs across tech companies, to slowing consumer spending, to bank runs, it’s difficult to predict what the world will look like tomorrow and to decide what to prioritize. For e-commerce companies trying to decide how to operate in the current economy, there are a lot of question marks. Do you cut all new initiatives to conserve capital? Do you continue your digital transformation as planned? Do you hunker down and wait for the next crazy punch life will throw at us (I’m personally betting on bear attacks)?


MACH Alliance

Spotlight on Enablers: How Vercel supports MACH stack adoption

Vercel, a cloud platform for frontend developers, is an Enabler member of the MACH Alliance, joining forces with like-minded companies to support brands in reaching their true potential. MACH Enablers support functional areas of a MACH architecture. In this blog, we spoke to Jen Shumann Chang, Vice President of Partnerships, and Ben Seymour, Director of Sales Engineering at Vercel, to learn more about their experience with the MACH Alliance, the benefits of membership, and the role of enablers like Vercel in the evolving world of MACH.


MACH Alliance

MACH Global Research 2023 Blog Series Pt. 1: So Many Upgrades, So Little Time

We recently released the results of our third annual global IT decision maker research, which surveyed 500 tech leaders from Australia, France, Germany, UK and the US. The goal was to understand how MACH investment has accelerated over the past 12 months and what impact that is having on organizations’ ability to thrive in a difficult economy. We learned that business leaders deeply feel the urgency to innovate in order to stay ahead in a rapidly changing business environment, and they view MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, Headless) as a means to respond to economic volatility.


Juli Greenwood

Cloudinary State of Visual Media Report

When we launched our inaugural State of Visual Media four years ago, we did so in part to better understand how brands were harnessing the power of visual media. We were seeing successes first hand across our customer and user base but the report would offer a data-first view into which trends were truly bubbling to the top and which might be waning.


MACH Alliance

Meet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Claire Thelliez, Director of Information Systems/CIO at Promod

Promod is a French fashion label for women, and its mission is strikingly familiar to that of the MACH Alliance – to be drivers of change toward what’s next and what’s better. It’s a common denominator in the mindset of business leaders across so many industries: Challenging the status quo isn’t the best option, it’s the only option. It’s that desire for a better way forward that makes Claire Thelliez, Promod’s Director of Information Systems and CIO, such a strong fit as a MACH Alliance Ambassador.


MACH Alliance

Spotlight on Enablers: How MongoDB Delivers the Foundation for MACH Adoption

MongoDB joined the MACH Alliance in January 2022 as one of the first Enabler members. As a leading cloud-native general purpose database platform, MongoDB has long been an advocate of microservice architecture enabling modern, flexible, and composable technology ecosystems for its 40,000 customers, spanning 100 countries.


MACH Alliance

MACH Annual Research

MACH Alliance, the group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems, today released the results of its third-annual Enterprise MACHified research, conducted by independent research firm MEL Research in December and January.


MACH Alliance

Shoptalk Vegas: Buzzword bingo


MACH Alliance

Scott FraserMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Scott Fraser, Director of Digital Product, Screwfix

At Screwfix, Scott leads the company’s Digital Products function. In this role, he architects the digital experiences that customers and employees use daily. He also supports and shapes the underlying composable architecture that gives the business the flexibility and pace of adaptability it needs to succeed in today’s volatile economic climate.


Jon Silvers

AI for ecommerce

First things first: AI is not coming for your job. Instead, it can massively enhance and streamline your work by removing some of the drudgery and complexity. For your business, it can unlock new opportunities, grow revenue, assist with cost management, and wow your buyers. 


Carl Bleich

The Benefits of a MACH-compliant Customer Data Platform

Compliantly collecting customer data with a CDP can help your company meet consumer expectations with personalized experiences.


MACH Alliance

Staying Focused: Why We’re Expanding the MACH Alliance Advisory Board


MACH Alliance

Gordon LucasMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Gordon Lucas, Global Digital Technology Director, Costa Coffee

You don’t have to be a coffee lover to appreciate how far Costa Coffee has come in its digital transformation. With over 4,000 coffee shops spanning more than 30 countries, the 51 year-old company also boasts over 14,000 self-serve Costa Express coffee machines.


Mike Waldron

4 Reasons You Should Integrate a DAM With Your PIM

If you’re an enterprise company making or selling loads of products, then no doubt you have a ton of data and important information about those products that needs to be managed. And, it’s likely you achieve that with a product information management (PIM) system.


MACH Alliance

Launching the MACH Book

With MACH an established and busy category, it’s not always easy to know where to start and who to talk to. To help CTOs, CIOs and digital leaders on that journey, we’re launching the MACH Book, showcasing MACH Alliance member companies and all the community has to offer!


Adam Peter Nielsen

Recession Resilient IT Architecture

With volatility continuing to rock global markets, CIOs and his/her C-suite colleagues are bracing for continued tough times as we look ahead in 2023. That calls for revisiting budgets, revisiting vendor relationships in preparation for potential cut-backs, and certainly also for protecting market power and relentlessly hunting all possible sales opportunities.


MACH Alliance

Chandan KumarMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador Chandan Kumar, Digital Architect - Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Chadan Kumar has traveled the world during his career. But it was his move from Dubai to New Zealand in 2020 that the Digital Architect for Fisher & Paykel Appliances said was a defining moment.


Casey Paxton

Product Information ManagementWhat is a MACH-Certified PIM & Why Do You Need One?

Headless commerce provides the scalability and flexibility that brands and retailers need to grow, but requires a strong foundation of product information management (PIM).


MACH Alliance

Ian RosenMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Ian Rosen, President and Chief Operating Officer, Harry Rosen

Dressing well may run in the family, but Ian Rosen wants to make it easy for everyone to be expertly styled so they can look good, and feel good, in everything they do. Rosen, who is a third-generation leader of the well-known Canadian menswear brand, Harry Rosen, is currently President and Chief Operating Officer of the business, which operates under three banners: The core Harry Rosen physical and online stores, the outlet division which includes five locations and the discount online experience, Final Cut by Harry Rosen.


Prasad Tangirala

MACH AmbassadorRe-platforming to MACH without any negative business impact!

You are considering re-platforming a major customer-facing website. But you are rightly concerned that it could negatively impact business during the cutover. How would you manage this?


MACH Alliance

Mark ElliottMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Mark Elliott, Chief Architect at Boohoo Group PLC

There’s a lot to love about Boohoo Group PLC. Its 13 market-leading brands seem to offer something for everyone. Whether you’re in the market for swimwear or office attire, bright pops of color or understated, men’s wear or women’s, the Group’s portfolio of e-commerce fashion labels has you covered.


Zuzanna Patocka

Product Experience Management Creating a Seamless Omnichannel Experience: Add It to Your New Year's Resolutions


Dom Selvon

Dom SelvonMACH At Different Levels

MACH represents a modern approach to software design that emphasizes modularity, flexibility, and scalability. By leveraging the principles of MACH, organizations can create complex systems that are built out of smaller, independent components, allowing them to quickly respond to changing business needs and take advantage of new technologies and opportunities.


Casper Rasmussen

Casper RasmussenHow To Build Your Own Composable, Ethical Enterprise

Today, we rightly prize organizations that are sustainable and ethical but surprisingly few people realize that it’s now possible to build an enterprise that is, off the shelf, based on great values as well as great technology.


Katarzyna Banasik

Katarzyna BanasikHow to future-proof your eCommerce?

How do you future-proof your business? It’s all well and good investing considerable sums upfront to install a shiny, all-singing, all-dancing (for now) monolithic platform.


MACH Alliance

Andrei RebrovMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Andrei Rebrov, CTO & Co-founder at Scentbird

Buying a new bottle of perfume or cologne can be somewhat of a commitment. Fragrances aren’t exactly inexpensive, and if you don’t love what you purchased, you’re stuck with a full bottle.


How boohoo carved out a MACH keystone for fast-growth e-commerce

Steve Nolan and Mark Elliott were relative newcomers to fashion e-commerce giant boohoo but they faced a conundrum when the company was rapidly assembling a ‘who’s who’ of UK retailers. Their job: to ensure that technology acted as an accelerator rather than a boat anchor slowing down the business.


Casey Paxton

What is Composable Commerce and Why is it Important?

There seems to be an almost endless stream of new channels cropping up every single day. Whether it’s new retailers coming onto the scene, social media apps looking to break into eCommerce, or new technology permeating the retail landscape, brands and retailers are struggling to keep up. Why?


MACH Alliance

Emma SleepMACH Aids Emma Sleep’s Expansive Dream

Combining world-class engineering with industry-leading sleep research, Emma Sleep has made its name in award-winning mattresses but it’s far from a sleepy business and its expansion plans call for moves into related markets and even apps. CTO Andreas Westendörpf is conscious of what is being asked of him: “[We need to] scale up, expand in different ways at the same time. Missing opportunities in business development [would be] a big problem.”


MACH Alliance

Sara DuMeet Your MACH Alliance Ambassador: Sara Du, CEO and Co-Founder, Alloy Automation

Sara Du, CEO and Co-founder of Alloy Automation, has an unusually impressive resume that dates back to her high school days. In high school, Sara started contributing to open source projects online and officially began her career at DoNotPay, the so-called “world’s first robot lawyer.” DoNotPay utilizes AI to help consumers fight parking tickets and bank fees - among other things - with the goal of leveling the playing field by making legal information and self-help more widely accessible. There, Sara worked on foundational automation tooling, tinkering with concepts that would inspire her own company just a few years later.


MACH Alliance

MACH-based Digital Asset Management

How a MACH-based DAM helps in driving agility and speed to market in an ever-growing library of media assets


Sonja Keerl

Mind the Dot: How to read analyst evaluations through a MACH lens

Technology continues to evolve as we move toward a future of modular digital experience technology architectures that are flexible and easy to maintain. As an industry body advocating for this future, one of our core objectives is supporting buyers to navigate the journey to composable architectures.


MACH Alliance

MACH Certification Serves as a Vendor Benchmark for the Market Shift to Composable

We have been vocal for some time that the market shift to MACH technology represents a major challenge to the position of long-established enterprise suites. Even the biggest tech companies are going composable with a focus on APIs and desire to be MACH. We fully encourage it.

Making the Case for MACH Whitepaper


MACH Alliance

Making the Case for MACH - Comprehensive ‘how to’ Guide for Senior Business Leaders


MACH Alliance

Women in MACH Manifesto for Gender Equality


Chris Bach

MACH philosophy, Physical Store8 Best Practices for Composable Commerce

Sennheiser has been a major player in consumer electronics for over 70 years. But their high-traffic ecommerce properties aren’t built in the way you'd expect—in fact, they couldn't build the ecommerce experiences they wanted on a traditional platform.


Alex Petrov

MACH philosophy, Physical StoreTaking the MACH philosophy to advance the Physical Store

Stores are undergoing a transformation, not only in their purpose in the wider customer journey, but in terms of their technological backend.


Zuzanna Patocka

Product Information Management MACH-Based Product Information Management – a Step Towards Composable Commerce


MACH Alliance

Casper RasmussenAn interview with Casper Rasmussen, our new MACH Alliance President

An interview with Casper Rasmussen, our new MACH Alliance President


Kelly Goetsch

Why is Gartner so excited by new digital commerce waves?


A guide to MACH-based order management - future proof your fulfilment


Jimmy Ekbäck

OcctooData in a MACH vs Monolithic tech setup

Modern CX leaders understand that adaption to the ever-changing landscape of customer experience is crucial to meeting the needs of customers, and that speed of digital innovation is key. To stay ahead, digital experience must flourish at the same pace as customer expectations and behavior –or you risk falling behind.


Gender balance? Don’t get mad, get even

If the medium is the message, what does a 95% male speaker line-up communicate to the world? That’s the question we – three organizers of the first ever MACH ONE conference – had to ask ourselves a few weeks ago.


5 reasons not to join the MACH Alliance


MACH Alliance

The MACH Alliance Community is Hiring


MACH AllianceOur 2022 Research Shows MACH Adoption Is High On The Agenda for Tech Leaders

The ‘Enterprise MACHified’ 2022 study, conducted by Mel Research and commissioned by the MACH Alliance, polled senior level technology decision makers (CIOs/CTOs, VP/SVP, Senior Manager) in the U.S., U.K. and Germany. The study is designed to show the state of MACH adoption in these major geographies. It’s clear from the findings this year that intentions to move to MACH architectures remain and progress has been made over the past year with a 19% increase in companies that have moved away from a monolithic stack to best-of-breed. Tech leaders see MACH technologies as the future of architecture with 79% planning to increase investment over the next 12 months and beyond. While intentions are high and 82% of IT leaders say infrastructure is keeping up with customer demands, less than half are satisfied with their ability to deliver customer experience (CX) improvements at speed. This statistic is perhaps the most concerning. But this is where MACH comes into its own, so we would expect improvements over the next 12 months based on MACH intentions cited. It’s also a big reason why the drivers of MACH transition are pull not push. While cycle of release issues and on-premises costs remain a huge burden for organizations, they rank lowest among the drivers. Instead, speed, privacy and ever improving customer experience needs come out top. Overall the findings are encouraging and show that we are moving in the right direction. As an Alliance that advocates for the power of MACH architectures, we are committed to promoting the long-term benefits and ROI that a move to MACH can deliver. In this blog post, Adam Sturrock and Matt Bradbeer break down every component to consider when calculating the Total Cost of Ownership and ROI of a MACH-based architecture. Take a look at the key findings and full survey report. How does your organization compare?


Rajiv Ramachandran

A MACH-Centric Approach to Digital Innovation


AWS Joins MACH Alliance



How MACH Enables the Dynamic Store



How MACH technologies allow you to adapt your digital experiences easily


Founder & CEO of, Eli Finkelshteyn and Global Head of Product Marketing at Contentstack, Sonja Keerl.

Search & Mech: How to create contextual commerce experiences


Gamification tactics for retail brands


Vue Storefront

Headless Commerce is getting more and more accessible


Sonja Keerl, President, MACH Alliance

Why we added an Enabler membership category