Mach Two Conference

13 & 14 June / Amsterdam — MACH TWO Conference

Join as a Certified Member

As a certified member of the MACH Alliance, you are part of a global collective working together to shape the future of enterprise technology. Our certified members are trusted companies that embrace MACH philosophies and offer MACH-certified services.

To become an Alliance member and carry the MACH Certified seal, a company must be in full compliance. We encourage all those interested in joining to first check that you meet the criteria below.

Have further questions? Please access our FAQ’s or contact to book an appointment with the team.

Application Process

  • Step 1

    Once we receive your application we’ll check all the information is there and contact you with an NDA and any additional requests. You also have the option of booking a discovery call.
  • Step 2

    Application passes to the Admissions Panel. We'll contact you to arrange a 1-hour Tech Check Call and provide you with information to enable you to prepare.
  • Step 3

    Recommendations from the tech and initial reviews will be reviewed by the Admissions Panel within 10 business days. Successful applications will be sent to the Board for final review.
  • Step 4

    The Board will review the Panel's recommendations and make a final assessment within 10 business days. You'll be notified of the final decision and rationale asap.

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